10 Email Marketing Strategies for Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Release

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    Last week, we released a blog sharing our firsthand findings on how Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection release is going to impact email marketing. Since Apple has made this announcement, we’ve received many questions and concerns from our clients on the best way to approach these changes.

    Omeda can help manage these challenges – watch the video and follow along with the tips outlined below.

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    Dive into Reporting

    The first thing you’ll want to do is run our email report called Opens By Client and Device. This will help you determine how many opens are happening in Apple Mail. Next step would be to pull a Summary Stat report across deployments and start running projected calculations on what your opens would look like taking the Apple inflation into account.

    Use Behavior-based Segments

    Engagement data has and will always be a significant part in segmenting your audience. With that said, if you have queries that are based on email open metrics, consider modifying these queries to look at other metrics. For example: email clicks, web behavior, and/or behaviors such as webinar registrants, event attendees or even whitepaper downloads.

    Audit Your Automations

    Chances are you have marketing automation campaigns that have triggers based on opens.  Or you might have an A/B test where the winning condition is based on opens. Go through an audit of all your ongoing and future email campaigns and adjust your triggers and winning condition accordingly.

    Cleanse Your Database

    Database hygiene is a very important part of email marketing. It will ensure you have a positive domain reputation and high engagement which leads to better inbox placement. Today, you can run a database clean-up and remove those who haven’t opened an email in the last 6-12 months. However, database clean-up will look different after this Apple release. You will need to start looking at other metrics such as email clicks and other behaviors to accurately define your quality audience vs. your less desirable audience.

    Loop In Your Designers

    Email clicks matter now more than ever and you want to make sure you’re trying everything to drive that email click. Take a hard look at your email designs and work with your marketing and design team to optimize.

    A/B Test for Success

    Use Omeda’s A/B test tool in Email Builder or Odyssey to thoroughly test your email design and set your winning conditions based on the email with the most clicks. Things to test would be your call to action (click here vs. watch this video), you might want to test an image-based email vs. content-based email. It’s a fine balance. You want to provide enough content in your email too capture your audience’s attention but also limit the content enough to entice a click to read more on your website.

    Create New KPI’s

    Once the Apple Mail Privacy release goes into place, wait 30-60 days and run another Summary Stat Report to understand your new normal. From there, you can start setting new benchmarks and KPI’s. Keep in mind that benchmarks can be based on many things like a deployment type, a brand or on an organization level.

    Educate Your Clients

    This is an important time to inform and educate these changes within your organization as well as your advertisers. It’s important to know and stress that there are other first party data points you can rely on outside of email opens.

    Other Tactics to Try

    If you’re using Lead Scoring, you might want to review your rules and potentially make adjustments if they’re based on opens. Also, if you’re utilizing profiles, review any that are using email opens and consider other metrics such as email clicks, web behaviors or other behaviors such as event/webinar or whitepaper data.

    Finally, Watch for Omeda Releases

    We’re working on an enhancement to be able to query device type in Audience Builder. This will allow you to segment your audience based on Apple mail vs non Apple mail audience members and provide you with more flexibility in when you should use opens metrics vs. when you should use click metrics.

    Contact your Omeda Customer Success Manager or reach out to to get more information about how to navigate through Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection release.

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