5 ways to use Omeda + CredSpark

    Last updated: June 7, 2024

    From the explosion of Wordle-style games to embedded quizzes and polls, interactive content is having a moment. 

    And it’s easy to see why: Audiences are oversaturated by social posts, links, and ads on every platform. They’re overwhelmed and their attention is fleeting. So if you expect your audience to passively scroll through their feeds, pick you, click through to an article, actively read some articles, then repeat this cycle enough times to connect with you and eventually pay for a subscription, you’re only going to get so far. 

    Create an environment where audiences can actively participate and they’re more likely to come back for more. And when your audience engages, they’re providing valuable data you can use to drive additional content. 

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    It’s a virtuous cycle – and it all starts with interactive content. But say that you don’t have the NYT’s dev resources. Or you don’t have the audience data you need to target your polls and surveys. How can you take advantage of interactive content without overcomplicating your workflows or stressing out your team? 

    That’s where Omeda’s integration with CredSpark, a zero-code engagement platform that creates richer, interactive online experiences — can help. 

    How does the Omeda and CredSpark integration work? 

    • Joint customers will be able to pair CredSpark’s interactive content offerings with Omeda’s tools, so they can engage readers through more interactive, valuable content and collect more actionable audience data, all while driving more revenue for their businesses. 
    • Each form submission flows to your Omeda database. When someone completes a CredSpark form on your website, it’s recorded in their Omeda profile in real time — no uploads or transfers required. They’re also added to any new segments that they qualify for based on those responses. 
    • This way, your email, content and audience team can see who’s responding to your content — and reach out with more personalized offers and resources — right away. 

    We went light on the technical details here — check out our knowledge base for the nitty-gritty

    See how to use Omeda and CredSpark to engage your audience and grow your first-party data below: 

    5 ways to use the CredSpark and Omeda integration 

    Grow and retain your audience by creating more engaging and personalized multi-channel content experiences.  

    BNP Media needed a more engaging, effective way to earn newsletter sign-ups and paid subscriptions. To address those needs, they used their cross-channel engagement data from Omeda to create interactive, targeted and personalized sign-up forms via CredSpark. 

    Which, phew, that’s a word salad. So here’s a step-by-step breakdown: 

    • BNP Media used Omeda to convert unknown visitors to known audience members. 
    • They also targeted unknown viewers with interactive multi-select newsletter sign-up forms, so each user could choose their preferred newsletter and become known. 
    • BNP targeted newly known visitors with embedded subscription sign-up forms that they’d created on CredSpark. Thanks to their Omeda audience and engagement data, they could target forms to each audience member’s individual interests and needs. 

    Through this flow, they’ve earned 1500+ anonymous conversions and newsletter sign-ups, giving them valuable insights they can use to better serve their audience going forward. 

    Increase event attendance, personalize event programming, and improve engagement throughout the event lifecycle using data collected through CredSpark.  

    Media companies are leaning on events to replace lost ad revenue and diversify their income streams. But holding an event is hard enough on its own. Giving each attendee a curated, personalized agenda is even harder. If you don’t have a systematic way to qualify your audience’s needs, you won’t be able to give your attendees the sessions, content and educational resources they need to enjoy your event.  

    One way to do this: Embed CredSpark’s polls into your registration sign-up flow, as shown below.

    From there, assign breakouts and create personalized agendas for each registrant based on their individual answers. 

    This has a lot of add-on benefits, including: 

    • Ask your audience what obstacles or challenges are most concerning for their business, then select speakers that can address those needs. Want to make this even more responsive? Ask your audience members to submit their own questions in an open-response field, then feed those questions into the Q&A for each session. 
    • Recommend sessions or create a curated agenda for each attendee based on their interests and knowledge gaps. 
    • Recommend or enroll attendees in the breakout sessions they’ll be most interested in.
    • Create smaller networking circles for people with similar job titles, industries, seniority levels, etc. 
    • Help your sponsors maximize event ROI with more targeted, qualified lead lists. 

    Collect more actionable first-party data while providing tangible value to your audience through interactive games, quizzes, and polls. 

    WATT Global Media noticed that their sites were getting a good amount of traffic. But those visitors weren’t signing up for their newsletter, leaving the WATT team without the information they needed to personalize content and ultimately convert those website visitors. 

    Ten years ago, they might’ve just gated a few of their eBooks and left it at that. But consumers are (rightfully) becoming more selective about disclosing their personal information. Privacy concerns aside, audience attention is fleeting — you need audiences to actively participate in order for them to actually respond and remember you.

    So WATT Global used Omeda and CredSpark to identify and target anonymous site visitors with interactive quizzes. The quizzes tested their knowledge about WATT’s key verticals. 

    With Omeda, they could target the message to custom audiences that they’d built using their first-party data, and tailor it specifically to anonymous website visitors. 

    From there, WATT served users a personalization prompting them to sign up for the newsletter. Responses flowed back to their Omeda database, so they could immediately use the insights to drive better content and offers.

    So far, the WATT team is running three active quizzes with conversion rates between 5 and 43%, which has netted them 50+ newsletter sign-ups and even more first-party data submissions. 

    Capture demographic, firmographic, and purchase intent attributes to build more robust, predictive audience profiles that increase advertising value. 

    Advertisers need more three-dimensional, contextual data about your audience in order to realize ROI and continue rebooking with you. So if your profiles aren’t complete, you’re missing opportunities to drive income. 

    Combining CredSpark and Omeda can help you fill those profile gaps and get the data you need to please advertisers. For example: Questex needed to fill data gaps from their website visitors in order to improve anonymous conversion, provide more relevant content and serve more successful ads to each of their audience members. 

    So they combined Omeda with CredSpark’s interactive content tools to display targeted forms for visitors with missing data fields. 

    Here’s how it worked: 

    • Questex used Omeda to create a custom segment of known website visitors whose profiles were missing “job function” or “company type” fields. 
    • From there, Questex used Omeda’s integration with CredSpark to target these visitors with on-site personalizations the next time they visited the site. 
    • The form prompted users to submit their job function or company type before accessing the page’s content. 


    So far, they’ve increased conversions by 14%, giving them additional data they can use to tailor content to individual needs, provide more contextual profiles and drive more revenue for themselves and their partners. 

    Capture the multi-channel audience insights necessary to cross-promote and upsell relevant products more strategically and successfully. 

    From a cost-benefit perspective, upselling and cross-promotions are two of the best ways to drive revenue from your audience. But it’s risky business: You won’t get very far if you cross-promote your manufacturing subscription to someone that’s only read shipping content (and probably get some spam complaints for your efforts).   

    All that to say: Audience data is the difference between making a tone-deaf pitch and a successful, relevant offer. 

    Omeda and CredSpark make it easier to get this information. With CredSpark, you can run polls and surveys to learn more about your audience’s interests. Then you can run cross-promotion and upsell campaigns for the audience members with promising responses. 

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