Automation Gone Wrong

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    While we often are automating campaigns and recognize the tremendous efficiencies in time and resources, we are also noticing some examples of campaigns where automation has gone completely awry. Automation is not a perfect system. It isn’t a “set it and forget it” mindset that will win every time. Without the proper team monitoring and nurturing it along the way, many well intended campaigns can wind up working against you. It is important to establish a team that thinks through the flow of information and isn’t automating for the sake of reaching as many people as possible and rather automating to reach the right audience at the right time.

    One prime example occurred for our marketing team. We were researching a company who would be attending a conference. We went to the company website one time in order to learn more. From this point forward, we were targeted on our Facebook account for months by this company. While at first the brand experience was a positive experience, via interacting with their website, it turned negative very quickly. We were targeted by their digital ads daily and for a time period that was significant. Also, we were targeted with the same generic ad for their company each time! The content never changed or turned off. This is a prime example of how automating can work against your brand. There wasn’t a level of care put into the content of the ad, the time frame, the frequency or the audience. This is a case example of how automation can fail.

    Another example we wanted to show via the screen grab below had to do with a product being pushed to one of our personal Facebook accounts.

    Get ahead with innovative marketing automation! Unleash conversions & engage audiences:

    We have a team member who recently was looking to upgrade the lenses in her glasses. She went onto the company’s homepage to review the specs on her specific glasses which she already owns. Similarly to the incident above, she began being targeted each time she hit her Facebook news feed for glasses. However, in this instance, the frames being shown are ones that she already owns! Her brand association began becoming a negative one versus positive due to the multiple touch points she began receiving for frames she already owned. While we recognize mistakes can happen, there are ways to avoid them through careful monitoring, establishing time frames for ads, creating new and different ads for specific audiences.

    Through using the Omeda platform, not only can you set up automation, but you can target your ads to very specific customers (via your queries) at the right place and time in order to succeed. As always, please reach out to your client success manager to work towards successful campaign ideas. Automation, when set up thoughtfully and with a strong team behind it, can work extremely hard to deliver exciting results!

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