Omeda Launches Facebook Integration

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    Northbrook, IL – December 5, 2017 – Omeda, the audience relationship management company, has launched a new integration between its industry leading Audience Relationship Management database OnQ and Facebook Ads Manager. This Facebook-approved integration pushes audience data directly into Facebook Ads Manager and returns key campaign performance metrics to the Omeda database, empowering database clients to target ads to custom segments and build look-a-like audiences.

    Audience Activation is a critical element of Omeda’s Audience Relationship Management (ARM) platform, and is an essential piece of any marketer’s strategy. As new name acquisition and renewal costs continue to rise, while response rates fall across traditional media channels, marketers need more options to communicate with current and potential customers. In building this integration, Omeda has provided its clients access to another high-volume channel to promote their products and services and enhance the reach of their data and marketing initiatives.

    This integration can be used for a variety of data driven marketing programs, including event marketing, whitepaper promotion, webinar registration, subscriber marketing and cross promoting e-newsletters.

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    Omeda is committed to continually launching marketing technology integrations that our clients need to achieve their marketing goals. All clients now have access to this essential marketing integration at no additional charge.

    Clients can start today. Just visit the Integrations page within the Activate section of Omeda, or contact your account manager who can walk you through the process or click here for additional documentation. For additional information, please contact us at 847-564-8900 or


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