Marketing Opportunities While We Social Distance

    Last updated: March 20, 2020

    As our industry navigates through these unchartered waters and challenging times, we here at Omeda have been forced to adjust, and in some cases rethink, the way we run a process or a department.

    One area we continue to consider is the postal mail stream, and the fact that it relies on other organizations to ensure everything gets from point A to point B. Printers, Lettershops, Presorters, and the USPS are just a few touch points that impact your mail before it ever makes it to Omeda’s doors for processing. Not knowing if any of these organizations may be forced to change their process or shut their doors temporarily is certainly a concern for the entire industry. As most of your readers shift to a work from home (WFH) environment, many for the first time, some of the contact data you have on them such as mailing address or telephone number may no longer yield the same response rates you’ve relied on in the past.

    We see this as an opportunity to utilize the data you have on hand to requalify your customers in a new way. Email deployments driving your audience back to online forms have always been a cost-effective channel. Now, they also allow you to hedge against the potential for other vendors that rely on person-to-person contact to temporarily suspend service. You have the ability to utilize the full spectrum of the deep behavioral data you have on many audience members. Email efforts can now use additional audience data, such as repeat website visits (surge) or certain content categories/tags, to more directly target the marketing message within your emails. By using recency, you can also target readers at a time where they’ve already shown greater interest in your brand and are therefore more likely to engage or convert with an offer.

    More customers may be visiting your website because they are working remote and are not seeing the print content in office. Omeda’s Personalization tool can help reengage these readers and give them a new avenue to stay connected. Targeted website modals or popups – using the Personalization tool – can offer an additional touchpoint to convert your audience when they are already actively engaged with your brand and content. Many of our clients are seeing increased web traffic as their readers rely on industry specific information, giving you a unique opportunity to not only requalify existing subscribers, but convert new ones as well. With all of your data in one place, you can target your marketing copy more directly and talk to your existing known audience differently from your new name or unknown audience.

    A multi-channel customer experience doesn’t need to be limited to just email marketing and on-site behavioral targeting. Other channels like social (Facebook), retargeting (AdRoll), and display (Google Ad Manager), all provide additional touchpoints that can help bridge the gap towards conversion goals. Using a tool like Odyssey, Omeda’s marketing automation tool, brings everything together in one place. The platform provides workflow efficiencies for your marketing teams to effectively launch both one-off and recurring marketing campaigns (voyages) to audience segments.

    The best aspect of these above tactics is they aren’t just for magazine efforts – the same is true for enewsletter signups, reengagement campaigns, webinar promotions, and other sponsored content efforts. We acknowledge that right now is a trying time for everyone, and we want to support our clients however we can.

    Omeda is here to help. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager and Audience Services Team for more information and to kick off your new campaigns.


    The Omeda Team

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