Unlock the value of your audience

Take the friction and frustration out of building, activating, and growing your most valuable asset – your audience – to drive revenue and increase margins.

Consolidate siloed databases, simplify your tech stack, and accelerate your media business with Omeda’s Integrated Audience Data Platform.

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Combat media industry forces with a renewed focus on your audience

Disruptive industry forces have led many media businesses to renew their focus on their audience and content to grow revenue and margins. But the guesswork and grunt work from siloed data, disconnected workflows, and legacy systems and technologies stand in the way of unlocking the full value of their audience.


of media leaders say increasing the business value and revenue impact of their audience is a priority


of media leaders say disconnected systems, processes, and data are hurdles to achieving their goal

According to Omeda’s State of Audience Report

The tactics and strategies that media companies executed in the past won’t work going forward. The framework of a successful media company is one that takes an audience-first approach to both content creation and monetization. Those that can reorient themselves to this new paradigm will win.”

Jacob Donnelly


A Media Operator

Omeda's Integrated Audience Data Platform. Because your audience matters.

Eliminate the friction and frustration of growing your audience to grow your business. Streamline disjointed tech stacks and processes into a proven solution with the tools and expertise to aggregate, activate, and accelerate impactful multi-channel audience-first experiences that drive engagement, lifetime value, and revenue.

Audience =

  • Revenue
  • Data
  • Differentiation
  • Valuation
  • Purpose
  • Scale
  • Customers

Maximize audience performance with the platform designed for professional media

Tired of navigating point solutions that never seem to fit your needs exactly? Streamline your excess tech and simplify your workflows into a proven platform with the tools and expertise built with your business in mind.

Accelerate your audience = Accelerate your revenue

Media businesses thrive when their audience is at the core. Aggregate, activate, and accelerate the power of your audience from a single integrated command-and-control center to grow your audience and revenue.

Deliver seamless and automated email and multi-channel audience experiences

Audiences are sick of one-size-fits-all content—and their patience is waning. Amplify the value of your first-party data investment to automate the delivery of relevant, audience-first experiences and content via a robust email platform, and across channels to earn audience attention and drive engagement for diverse revenue streams.

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