End of 2018 Stats – Q4 Email Delivery and Engagement

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    In 2018, reports were created quarterly on email delivery and engagement stats from some of Omeda’s largest senders. Insights from Q1 and Q2 as well as Q3 were published to give context to clients for their own email statistics. In the latest installment, the Q4 stats have been pulled together, offering a full-year view of email behaviors in 2018. These statistics are split out based on newsletters versus third party/sponsored sends because the emails see very different responses from receivers.

    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.8%7.9%0.9%11.2%0.14%
    Client B97.4%11.9%1.5%12.2%0.15%
    Client Cn/an/an/an/an/a
    Client D98.6%9.7%1.6%16.3%0.11%
    Client E98.8%14.6%0.5%3.6%0.16%
    Client F96.8%10.9%1.6%14.7%0.11%
    Client G98.9%13.4%0.6%4.7%0.11%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.5%7.6%1.3%16.6%0.13%
    Client B97.5%11.4%0.5%4.5%0.14%
    Client C97.4%18.6%3.1%16.7%0.37%
    Client D99.0%9.5%1.8%18.5%0.10%
    Client E99.2%13.5%0.6%4.7%0.15%
    Client F96.2%9.5%0.6%6.6%0.17%
    Client G99.1%13.5%0.6%4.7%0.10%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.8%9.0%2.1%23.1%0.06%
    Client B97.3%10.5%0.4%3.8%0.13%
    Client C97.6%18.5%1.1%6.0%0.20%
    Client D99.0%9.3%1.6%17.6%0.09%
    Client E98.9%
    Client F95.5%9.9%0.6%5.5%0.26%
    Client G99.1%13.6%0.6%4.3%0.11%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.13%8.45%1.4%13.5%0.06%
    Client B97.6%11.82%0.39%3.33%0.15%
    Client C96.45%19%1.03%5.42%0.21%
    Client D98.68%9.33%1.79%19.13%0.1%
    Client E98.56%14.65%0.58%3.97%0.14%
    Client F95.8%10.27%0.6%5.8%0.21%
    Client G99.15%14.32%0.63%4.41%0.13%

    For the 3rd party deployments, there was minimal movement.  There was a slight uptick in the Unique open rate overall.  Of the clients listed, half experienced a drop in their CTR (unique clicks/opens) while the other clients increased slightly.

    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A99.1%10.5%2.2%20.5%0.10%
    Client B98.2%15.5%1.2%7.9%0.16%
    Client C98.6%19.8%4.3%21.6%0.10%
    Client D98.9%16.1%3.7%23.3%0.06%
    Client E99.1%15.4%1.0%6.7%0.08%
    Client F99.0%15.3%3.8%24.9%0.05%
    Client G99.1%17.8%2.3%13.1%0.09%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A98.0%8.8%1.3%15.0%0.08%
    Client B98.3%14.5%1.0%7.0%0.13%
    Client C97.7%19.6%4.1%20.8%0.09%
    Client D99.0%16.4%4.0%24.5%0.05%
    Client E99.2%14.7%0.9%6.0%0.07%
    Client F98.6%14.9%3.6%24.2%0.04%
    Client G99.2%17.0%2.2%12.8%0.08%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.8%10.5%1.8%16.6%0.09%
    Client B98.1%
    Client C98.0%19.8%4.2%20.9%0.08%
    Client D98.9%16.4%4.2%25.6%0.05%
    Client E99.0%
    Client F98.7%16.0%4.0%25.3%0.04%
    Client G99.2%17.4%2.2%12.8%0.10%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A98.48%10.26%1.38%
    Client B98.36%13.18%0.87%6.61%0.11%
    Client C98.22%19.68%4.25%21.57%0.08%
    Client D98.88%20.32%5.37%26.42%0.06%
    Client E98.82%14.9%0.77%5.15%0.06%
    Client F98.81%16.59%4.43%26.67%0.04%
    Client G99.3%17.53%2.06%11.73%0.09%

    Newsletter sends stayed fairly steady with the exception of Client D.

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    Client D made a conscious effort to remove unengaged audience members from their lists.  As a result, the open rate increased by four percent.  The Unique Clicks increased 1% and the CTR increased 0.8%.  While the audience list dropped for each newsletter, the actual number of opens increased as did the number of clicks. Perhaps they got better inbox placement after removing those unengaged subscribers?  Inbox placement is most definitely dependent on engagement, in addition to list hygiene and the lack of ‘this is spam’ clicks.  As this client found, removing the unengaged proved to be a very wise move.

    Omeda welcomed a new client in Q4 who rapidly rose to the number 1 spot of the highest open and click rates on their newsletters.  While not a large volume sender, they have maintained open rates of greater than 40 percent .  Their click rates average 17 percent for the Unique clicks/delivered and 41 percent for the CTR (clicks/open).  This client will definitely be included in our stats for 2019.

    As we do a deeper dive into this data, what would you like to see on a quarterly basis?  How do you analyze your metrics?  What would you like to compare?  We would love to hear from you with any suggestions.  Please reach out to with your thoughts and ideas.

    Photo by Mikaela Wiedenhoff on Unsplash

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