Q3 Email Open and Click Rates

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    Due-to the great response that we received on our Q1 and Q2 stats, the following are the updated numbers for Q3. Email engagement is a popular topic that creates a lot of questions such as “what is a good open rate?” or “how do I compare to other senders” or “what are the averages for my industry?”.  These questions were addressed in detail in our Q1/Q2 email engagement post earlier this year. We have updated the numbers below to include Q3 as well. The statistics are split out based on newsletters versus third party/sponsored sends because these emails see very different responses from receivers.

    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A99.1%10.5%2.2%20.5%0.10%
    Client B98.2%15.5%1.2%7.9%0.16%
    Client C98.6%19.8%4.3%21.6%0.10%
    Client D98.9%16.1%3.7%23.3%0.06%
    Client E99.1%15.4%1.0%6.7%0.08%
    Client F99.0%15.3%3.8%24.9%0.05%
    Client G99.1%17.8%2.3%13.1%0.09%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A98.0%8.8%1.3%15.0%0.08%
    Client B98.3%14.5%1.0%7.0%0.13%
    Client C97.7%19.6%4.1%20.8%0.09%
    Client D99.0%16.4%4.0%24.5%0.05%
    Client E99.2%14.7%0.9%6.0%0.07%
    Client F98.6%14.9%3.6%24.2%0.04%
    Client G99.2%17.0%2.2%12.8%0.08%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.8%10.5%1.8%16.6%0.09%
    Client B98.1%
    Client C98.0%19.8%4.2%20.9%0.08%
    Client D98.9%16.4%4.2%25.6%0.05%
    Client E99.0%
    Client F98.7%16.0%4.0%25.3%0.04%
    Client G99.2%17.4%2.2%12.8%0.10%

    A new addition to our tracking is the Unsubscribe rate – located in the charts on the far right side.  While not for all clients, it is no surprise that the unsubscribe rate for 3rd party type sends exceeds the newsletter unsubscribe rate.  Overall, not a large variance between clients, for both the newsletter and 3rd party sends.  This is a metric that receiving servers use for determining Inbox placement – keeping that rate under 0.20% is a good benchmark.

    We did not see any large variances from Q1/Q2 to Q3.  There was an overall slight uptick in the open and click rates for the newsletters.  Contrasting, the click rates for the 3rd party products did shift downwards.  That could indicate a need for further segmentation and the removal of unengaged subscribers from these lists.

    Get ahead with innovative marketing automation! Unleash conversions & engage audiences:

    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.8%7.9%0.9%11.2%0.14%
    Client B97.4%11.9%1.5%12.2%0.15%
    Client Cn/an/an/an/an/a
    Client D98.6%9.7%1.6%16.3%0.11%
    Client E98.8%14.6%0.5%3.6%0.16%
    Client F96.8%10.9%1.6%14.7%0.11%
    Client G98.9%13.4%0.6%4.7%0.11%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.5%7.6%1.3%16.6%0.13%
    Client B97.5%11.4%0.5%4.5%0.14%
    Client C97.4%18.6%3.1%16.7%0.37%
    Client D99.0%9.5%1.8%18.5%0.10%
    Client E99.2%13.5%0.6%4.7%0.15%
    Client F96.2%9.5%0.6%6.6%0.17%
    Client G99.1%13.5%0.6%4.7%0.10%
    ClientDelivered %Unique Opens/DelivUnique Clicks/DelivUnique Clicks/OpensUnsubscribe
    Client A97.8%9.0%2.1%23.1%0.06%
    Client B97.3%10.5%0.4%3.8%0.13%
    Client C97.6%18.5%1.1%6.0%0.20%
    Client D99.0%9.3%1.6%17.6%0.09%
    Client E98.9%
    Client F95.5%9.9%0.6%5.5%0.26%
    Client G99.1%13.6%0.6%4.3%0.11%

    There is no ‘rulebook’ for deliverability and achieving Inbox placement.  One of the key metrics is engagement – recipients must open and click.  Other factors include a low bounce rate, a low unsubscribe rate, and a miniscule number of spam complaints. With those, your email will find its way into the Inbox.   It is a constant and on-going goal to fine tune your audience lists and your content.

    The Email Success team is available to assist you in meeting your goals. Please reach out at

    Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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