Transform your customer data with Omeda enterprise CDP for audience development teams

Harness your data to deliver more personalized customer experiences and drive faster growth. Streamline your workflow and simplify your tech stack, all while pleasing everyone in your audience.

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Audience development teams trust Omeda for its powerful enterprise CDP capabilities

  • Manage customer profiles in one place
  • Deepen engagement and personalization
  • Simplify your tech stack

Top 3 reasons why Audience Development Teams use Omeda as an Enterprise CDP

Make customer data accessible across your organization with Omeda.

Manage customer profiles in one place

Are you spending too much time gathering customer information from different software?

Omeda combines a customer data platform, email and marketing automation tool, subscription management and a form builder into one central database. So you can figure out what each customer needs in one glance — then focus on giving it to them.

  • Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint and stores it in one place. Establish a single view of each customer and minimize data loss with identity resolution and real-time profile updates.
  • Convert unknown visitors to known leads and customers using Olytics, Omeda’s website analytics service.
  • Track website behaviors via a lightweight JavaScript snippet that works with your website’s existing metadata.
  • Automated identity resolution and deduping processes ensure your customer profiles are always clean, accurate and usable.
  • Pinpoint your best referral sources and identify success levers with our industry-leading reporting and analytics suite.

Deepen engagement and personalization

Omeda’s CDP doesn’t just give you information. With our native email and marketing automation tools, and our integrations with leading ad platforms, you can use customer data to connect with everyone in your audience.

Best of all: You can do it all from one place.

  • Reach each customer with email and on-site messaging, as well as social platforms (FB/IG), display (GAM), and programmatic ads (AdRoll).
  • Use our Odyssey Marketing Automation canvas to adjust timing, messaging and filters for each campaign.
  • Leverage your CDP data to strengthen external outreach using our integrations with Marketo, Eloqua, AdRoll, Facebook and Google Ad Managers and more.

Simplify your tech stack

The average knowledge worker spends 2 hours per week finding the information they need to make an impact. That’s a lot of time better spent actually making an impact.

Omeda’s enterprise CDP takes in, cleans, standardizes and updates your customer data — and does it on autopilot. Make the most of your data without a sprawling IT team or excess costs.

  • Data flows in and out of the platform via nightly file sweeps and API drops. Customer information flows directly to your system of record no matter what form they’re using.
  • Automated field mapping ensures you’re storing only the fields that matter most to your business — and it’s stored in a standardized, actionable format.
  • Customized database views give every team member the information they need to do their part — and nothing more.

Ready to unlock your marketing potential with Omeda’s enterprise CDP?

  • Manage customer profiles in one place
  • Deepen engagement and personalization
  • Improve strategic decision-making

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