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Success Story: Annex Business Media

Learn how Annex Business Media grew their virtual events series by connecting audience data to drive registrations and service sponsored content to registrants.

Find out how Annex's virtual event strategy drove:

Events Launched

In the first eight months, Annex has launched 25 total events.


Events Launched

Registrant Data

Over half of all registrants opted in to sharing their contact info with event sponsors.


Registrant opt-ins

International Audience

Over 70 different countries were represented across Annex's virtual events.


Countries Represented


Omeda was able to bridge the gap between the virtual event framework we were trying to implement to our customer database and our website. Their API integration and Metering tool made it possible for us to pull together the event setup in GoToWebinar, the gated content on our WordPress sites and the fluid data connection back to our Omeda database. Having this virtual events structure in place, we were then able to create a positive digital experience for our visitors and quickly implement the process for many of our brands.

Stacy Bradshaw - Digital Project Manager, Annex Business Media

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