Congratulations to our OX7 award winners!

    Last updated: June 7, 2024

    We may provide the platform, but your creativity is what powers the results. So at OX7 this month, we were honored to celebrate our customers who are creating innovative new use cases, engaging audiences and driving serious revenue with our platform. 

    This year’s winners include:

    Best Marketing Activation Program 

    Endeavor Business Media – Audience Reactivation

    Stay ahead and read our Q1 2024 email engagement report to uncover trends & best practices for success:

    The problem: Endeavor Business Media wanted to prevent lapsed audience members from dropping off. But with a database of 13 million audience members, they needed a streamlined, automated and foolproof way to identify at-risk readers quickly enough to make an impact, then re-engage them with the right pieces of content. 

    The solution: Endeavor used Omeda’s email and marketing automation solution to develop a series of emails & on-site personalizations that reintroduced audience members to their webinars, whitepapers, articles and newsletters, and offered up the most compelling assets.​ 

    With Omeda’s campaign planning tools, they could adjust or pause sends if an audience member showed signs of email fatigue — and target each personalization at custom audiences. This way, they could send campaigns at scale without losing touch with each audience member’s individual needs. 

    The results: In 2023, the reactivation campaign helped Endeavor keep 150,000 audience members on their active lists, saving them $1 million in audience acquisition costs.

    Best Paid Subscription Campaign

    BNP Media – Paid Win-back Campaign

    The problem: The BNP team wanted to preserve revenue and re-engage their audiences by winning back subscribers that had lapsed from the publication in the previous six to 24 months. 

    The solution: BNP used Omeda’s integrated audience data platform to identify past subscribers that could potentially re-subscribe. Then using Omeda’s email and marketing automation solution, they reached those subscribers across email, direct mail, telemarketing, on-site personalizations, and social media campaigns. These messages offered recipients a series of incentives that increased the longer they had been away from the publication. ​

    The results: This campaign helped BNP reactivate 1,536 lapsed paid subscribers across their three paid titles, generating more than $52,000 in win-back revenue. 

    Best Use of First-Party Audience Data

    Becker’s Healthcare – Customer Segmentation

    The problem: The Becker’s team needed to segment event promotions and lead generation offers for its provider and non-provider audiences more intentionally. But they lacked an automated way to segments thousands of audience members into these more specific groups.

    The solution:

    • They created a new list of more specific categories to bucket organizations into, then implemented specific keys for each one.​ 
    • However, this required an enormous amount of tagging. So the Becker’s team used an AI solution to categorize each incoming entry into the appropriate institutional segment. 

    The results: 

    • The Becker’s team rolled out the “Type of Institution” internal demographic with a database coverage of 81%, the highest coverage of any demographic.​
    • They expanded audience queries for lead gen and event promotions by at least 50%. ​
    • Since more than 40% of their database has personal email domains, this also greatly increased audience coverage. 

    Best Revenue Idea

    Fusable – Engagement-Driven ABM

    The problem: Fusable needed to drive more revenue from their reader engagement model, which combines user-level behavioral insights with their rich firmographic and demographic data.

    The solution: 

    • First, Fusable used Omeda’s website analytics solution and integrated audience database to identify their readers’ pain points and reading patterns. Since Omeda includes a native CDP, they could see how someone interacted with their content across every channel, all in one profile, giving them a more current and accurate view of each person’s interests and needs.  
    • From there, the Fusable team showed each of their ABM clients exactly which users had read sponsored content on their trucking media sites. ​
    • Fusable helped clients reach individual contacts from an account by pairing their analysis with a set of ABM recommendations, specifically derived from what their Omeda insights told them about each target(s).​

    The results: Fusable’s new ABM strategy led to a 15% net new increase in digital spend. ​ Numbers aside, Fusable reported that the program’s received very positive feedback so far. “The client was very impressed with the sophistication of our data and preparation and signed on to an ABM agreement in excess of their existing spend with us. It was a huge win for our ABM program and we are very excited to continue to use this advantage to drive further revenue, “ said Paul Daniel, Director of Audience of Fusable. 

    Best Damn Idea

    Questex – Event Marketing and Anonymous Conversion via NPS Surveys

    The problem: Questex needed to improve their event experience and increase anonymous conversions by simplifying their NPS survey distribution and workflow process.

    The solution: Questex combined Omeda’s integrated audience data platform with CredSpark’s interactive content offerings to create a more seamless and actionable NPS survey form. 

    The results: 

    • Websites linked to Questex’s March events saw a 175% increase in unknown-to-known website visitors compared to the previous month.​
    • Questex websites saw 143% more anonymous conversions in March 2024 compared to March 2023.​
    • 805 IBS NY attendees completed additional custom survey questions, a 108% increase from the 387 they got via their previous tools in 2023.


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