Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Chooses Omeda

    Last updated: May 20, 2024

    Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), a leading biotech publisher, has chosen Omeda to provide integrated database services. The GEN integrated database will consolidate their audience across various products and services, including print, digital, newsletter, website, mobile app, and webinar customers. Omeda will also provide GEN with integrated email marketing services.

    “We are excited to welcome GEN to the Omeda family, and proud to have been chosen as their partner. We look forward to helping them expand their brand by providing a better understanding of their customers’ engagement across their various products”, said Aaron Oberman, president of Omeda. “They are an energetic and innovative group with aggressive plans for growing the GEN franchise, and our customer-centric services are ideally suited to facilitate their mission.”

    “The time is ripe to capitalize on the Big Data trend and the desire by marketers to target using behavioral attributes along with demographics to reveal purchasing intentions”, said Bill Levine, director of digital media at GEN. “The Omeda integrated database will enable GEN to develop a custom audience segmentation tool that gives us an edge in a highly competitive field. We also expect to translate a higher marketing IQ into a lift in subscription conversions and increased editorial intelligence. Eventually, we expect to blend our academic journal audience and conference files into our new database which will create one of the most powerful biotech/healthcare products available.”

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