How to choose a consent management platform (CMP)

    Last updated: September 26, 2023

    As data privacy continues to change and evolve, and become more pertinent for every business, implementing a way to gain consent from your audience members will be necessary. Consent management platforms (CMPs) allow you to communicate with your audience and visitors and gather the consent and privacy requests that each audience member has. As you begin looking for a CMP solution to implement, keep in mind these important aspects of consent management tools.

    1. Congruency with Data Privacy Legislation 

    Consent management is necessary today because of various data privacy legislation (like GDPR, CCPA and CASL) that has been implemented throughout the past five years. Currently in the U.S., data privacy is being handled on a state by state basis. As each state proceeds with proposing and implementing new legislation and as federal legislation is introduced, it is important that your CMP provider remains up-to-date with the changes. Having a provider that is following these modifications and updating their platform in order to account for them will save you time, money and resources.   

    2. Connects Directly to Your CDP in Real Time 

    One of the most important elements of a CMP is the connection back to your audience database. That way, your database will stay up-to-date in real time, as visitor preferences change. You can also ensure that you are not targeting known visitors who have already provided their consent preferences with your consent management messages.  

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    3. Customized Data Collection 

    Having control of the data being collected and the format of your forms is helpful for ensuring you are collecting all the information you want. Additionally, being able to block behavior depending on your audience’s location is important as well. You want to have the flexibility to block cookies before a visitor opts-in if a user is in the EU to oblige by privacy laws. However, if the visitor is not in the EU, you may want to collect cookies unless the user specifically opts-out. A CMP solution that allows you to modify your forms and adjust the information requested to meet your audience needs is essential.  

    4. Scalable Across Your Brands 

    Most media companies have multiple brands that they have to keep track of. Having one CMP tool that can be implemented across your brands will help you to manage all the customer preferences that have been collected, and also make the experience more positive for customers visiting your websites. You can also have a standardized form template for your company that will be modified to fit each individual brand. 

    5. Formatting and Aesthetic Versatility  

    The first thing that visitors are going to see when they land on your website is the modal for consent management preferences. To provide them with the most positive visitor experience you can, having your modal messaging customizable in terms of branding, color schemes and placement on your websites is essential. That way, you can have smooth, unobtrusive communication with each visitor about their data privacy needs.  

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