Salesforce Finally Sees the Power of a Unified Customer View

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    Salesforce recently announced a new solution that will be joining their suite of tools, the ”Customer 360 Truth” product. What the company is referring to as the “Single Source of Truth” is essentially a way to combine all customer experiences into one location. Though this concept has been around for quite some time, Salesforce has not introduced a product that will aggregate all of their customer information into one place until now. They referenced that historically, customer data has been divided among an array of databases and sources, and they are trying to resolve this problem.

    Omeda is happy to see that Salesforce is coming on-board and preaching the importance of a unified consumer profile. We have been referring to this concept for quite some time as capturing a 360-degree view of your consumer. Our customer data platform (CDP) has been designed to pull insights and data on individuals from a variety of sources so that each profile can be as robust and informative as possible. The Omeda Platform takes website behavioral data, email behavioral data, demographics, event attendance, subscription preferences and more and brings all the points together to create and build upon a customer’s profile over time. Actions from the past, present and future are continuously being compiled. Using this information, Omeda’s CDP integrates with our other offerings to allow users to set up marketing automation campaigns, email deployments, modal messages, gated content and more all under one platform. Together, these tactics assist in accumulating, organizing and growing data for each customer to provide brands with a single view of their customers and better reach them where and when they want.

    The more data you gather on each individual customer, the better you can get a sense for what would be of interest to them. This, of course, can help with audience targeting and providing your customers with expertise, advertisements and offerings they want. However, this ability doesn’t just come with a full database. Having a strategy to build a strong understanding and relationship with each audience member is pivotal for finding success. Omeda’s actionable marketing database fosters an environment that has been helping B2B Media professionals create powerful customer profiles and specific targeting strategies. These in turn allow users to take their data and transform it to drive revenue for their brands.

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    Omeda CDP users are already set up and accumulating 360-degree views of their consumers, and the information will only develop further in the future, leaving our clients with full views of their audience and opportunity to target appropriately. As data insights continue to grow in importance, these abilities are only going to become more critical for marketers to have over time.

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    Photo by Richard Ciraulo on Unsplash

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