Omeda Acquires Creative Data Services

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    CEO Jeff Heine and team to join Omeda as clients transition to the Omeda platform

    Omeda, the industry leader in enterprise audience relationship management and activation announced that they have acquired Creative Data Services (CDS) from owner and CEO Jeff Heine. 

    Current CDS clients will transition to the Omeda platform in the coming weeks with the full support of both the Omeda and CDS teams. As part of the acquisition, CDS owner and CEO Jeff Heine will join Omeda as SVP, Small Publishing to continue his focus on serving niche media companies across B2B, city, and regional publishers. 

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    “We are excited to welcome Jeff and all CDS clients to the Omeda family,” said Aaron Oberman, CEO, Omeda. “For the past several years, Omeda has successfully worked with many enterprise media companies but our platform is purpose built for publishers of every size. We are thrilled to have Jeff and team expand our ability to continue to work with small publishers.” 

    In addition to Jeff Heine, other key staff members joining the Omeda team include John Kalomiris and Jim Wessel, both of whom will be joining Omeda’s Client Success Team, which partners with clients to help monetize their data, grow their audience, and launch new products. 

    Former CEO of CDS and now SVP, Small Publishing at Omeda, Jeff Heine, expressed “We are eager to bring Omeda’s seamless technology platform to CDS customers. With the Omeda suite of solutions, we can expand our services and bring more than just traditional fulfillment to these publishers. Combing the hands-on support that CDS offers with the advanced technology from Omeda is a win for everyone.” 

    “With the ever growing list of Marketing Technology solutions, many smaller publishers have been under the false impression that you need to be a big company to be able to properly utilize and monetize more advanced technologies, which simply isn’t the case,” said Tony Napoleone, VP of Client Experience at Omeda. “We are excited to bring scalable, multi-channel activation and engagement tools to all of our clients that they can quickly and easily launch to drive audience and revenue”. 

    Now with over 150 clients in the media and publishing industry combined with 40 years of industry experience, Omeda has established itself as a premium software and technology provider. By simplifying the MarTech stack, Omeda clients benefit from a combined CDP and marketing automation platform with a fully governed, compliant database built to activate and monetize their audience. 


    About Omeda Holdings, LLC
    Headquartered in downtown Chicago, Omeda is the leading audience relationship management platform built for media professionals allowing you to acquire, unify, manage, and activate your data. Omeda provides a real-time, single view of your audience through 24/7 data storage, data management, data matching, and data activation. Offering everything from subscription fulfillment, email marketing, CDP web behavioral and activation services, Omeda delivers a full suite of customizable services to best meet the needs of any media company. Through the development of rich behavioral audience profiles, Omeda delivers deep business insights and analytics while also providing new, data driven, revenue opportunities. 

    Kate Ferrara
    Marketing Manager

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