Provide winning subscriber experiences with Omeda’s fulfillment management solution

Creating a magazine is enough work. Get your issues out the door more quickly and easily with Omeda’s fulfillment services. We automate the fulfillment process so you can deliver issues without a hitch, then move on to your next edition.

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Managers streamline operations with Omeda's fulfillment management solutions

  • Automate order processing and tracking
  • Provide seamless subscriber experiences
  • Harness circulation data to power growth

Top 3 reasons managers choose Omeda for fulfillment management

Deliver issues on schedule and please your subscribers with Omeda.

Automate order processing and tracking

Founded in 1978 by a family of trade publishers, Omeda has over 40 years’ experience managing subscriptions. Ranging from print and digital magazines to newsletters, website access, single-copy sales, site licenses, and much more, we are a proven front-runner in circulation fulfillment.

  • Send print magazines along with the other add-ons you need to please your subscribers - from promo items to packages and beyond. We cover orders of all sizes from individual subscriptions to gifts, groups, trials and more.
  • Create high-quality print magazines, then customize them to fit your publishing schedule and audience needs.
  • Set up online magazines with beautiful editorial-quality layouts.

Provide seamless subscriber experiences

Getting orders out on time is the bare minimum. Keep your subscribers coming back for more with our built-in entitlement management and support capabilities.

  • Customize support features to meet the needs of your business.
  • Efficiently manage and edit contracts within the Omeda platform.
  • Provide best-in-class customer experiences and resolve payment issues more quickly with Omeda’s best-in-class customer service team.

Harness circulation data to power growth

If you want to stay relevant for the long run, the work doesn’t doesn’t stop when you press send. Layer your subscriptions with our data management and marketing automation capabilities to drive circulation growth and revenue.

  • Omeda takes in subscriber data from every touchpoint — from email and print to website and events — and stores it in one accessible place. See how your subscribers engage across channels and shift your distribution strategy accordingly.
  • Query subscriber data instantly with Omeda’s Audience Search function. Mix and match more than 100+ filters to add subscribers to multi-dimensional marketing segments.
  • Identify your most engaged subscribers with our website analytics service and email reports. Easily send them exclusive rewards and add them to a VIP group — all without leaving the platform.

Ready to streamline your subscriber experiences with Omeda’s fulfillment management solution?

  • Automate order processing and tracking
  • Provide seamless subscriber experiences
  • Harness circulation data to power growth

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