Omeda Asks: Kristine Wyatt – Associate Director of Audience Marketing at Bobit Business Media

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    About Kristine Wyatt:

    Kristine Wyatt is a native Michigander, currently residing in the state with her husband and five-year-old son. Being from the Great Lakes state, water has always been a center point in her life – from enjoying time at the beach, to boating and the occasional frozen adventure. She loves to travel and try new things with her family, although not as much lately. Professionally, Kristine has worked in B2B media for almost her entire career, and she absolutely loves the industry. Over the years, she says she has been lucky enough to have met and worked with some of the smartest, most genuine, and supportive people that she is happy to refer to as friends as well as colleagues.

    What has your career path in media been like?

    I started my journey in media as an Audience Marketing Coordinator at BNP Media, where I began and built the foundation of my data-driven marketing skillset and expertise. I would say that for the last 13 years, I have been steering marketing strategy and creating demand for B2B media brands and events. As the digital landscape grew, I moved into a marketing product focused role, overseeing two successful, cross-functional groups of data-driven marketers and social media experts. I wore two hats in this role – supporting the administration of marketing technology, while still being the driving force behind the creative and strategy of the Product Marketing team.

    One of my biggest challenges professionally was my next role, overseeing all marketing teams as the Senior Strategic Marketing Development Manager. I was tasked in this position to restructure four siloed marketing groups into one cohesive marketing team while simultaneously, and successfully, streamlining the corporate tech stack.

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    My last role before coming to Bobit was Head of Demand Generation at BNP. I was responsible for creating an overall marketing and product strategy to ensure audience lead conversion and revenue goals were met by delivering optimal customer experiences.

    From there I moved on to Bobit Business Media, taking on the role of Associate Director of Audience Marketing. No matter my role, there was always a common thread of the sweet spot between data, customer engagement and acquisition.

    What does your role as Associate Director of Audience Marketing at Bobit entail?

    Coming to Bobit, I was met with a really talented and driven group of coworkers that impressed me from day one. I jumped into a team that challenges me daily in the best way and motivates me to succeed. We put a lot of emphasis here on working managers, so I carry my own workload of brand specific audience marketing responsibilities. I love that because it keeps me really connected to the sales/content teams and allows me to keep my marketing skills sharp.

    Beyond that I am responsible for driving corporate audience marketing and data strategy by working cross functionally with our digital, marketing, content and technology teams to ensure our focus is aligned for optimal revenue growth. Bobit has done a great job recognizing the value and depth of our first party data and has really invested in many ways to give it legs. For example, I work side by side with our digital technology team, and they bring a knowledge base and technical skill set that really allows me to focus deeply on audience strategy knowing that I have them in my corner.

    Another large piece of my role is working on the content side with our Engagement Editor, Lance Holt. We talk regularly to make sure the audience KPIs stay aligned with editorial KPIs, and coming full circle, sales KPIs. A large part of our audience marketing strategy is driven by and through content, a must-have line of communication for a successful audience strategy.

    Is there anything you’re working on right now that you’re particularly passionate/excited about?

    One of the most exciting projects we are working on is an ongoing strategic customer on-boarding experience (in Odyssey) for unknown users. Our goal is to create a personalized brand experience for each segment that will not only create baseline audience engagement by converting unknown to known, but also target and nurture high-value segments tied to revenue.

    What is a moment in your career that you are proud of or that is memorable for you?

    Building and growing an audience product marketing team will always be a highlight for me. It was one of those perfect moments where an amazing team, strategy and execution came together like lightning in a bottle.

    How have you found success as the media industry has changed over the years?

    Within media, we need to always look forward and anticipate what is happening next. The way our audience consumes our content, the needs of our advertising partners and the technology we use is constantly changing. Those of us with roots in the audience data continue to evolve as our responsibilities have gone from magazine-focused to true demand generation. Part of that is really having a deep understanding of our audience data and strategically bridging it to where the revenue opportunities lie.

    How have you kept a sense of normalcy for your team with the recent COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing implementation?

    My team at Bobit is entirely remote, so we are lucky in that it’s been business as usual for the most part. There have been some changes for our HQ and Satellite Office teams, but having such a large remote workforce already the tech team had the infrastructure there and video calls have been the norm for a while, so we haven’t missed a beat.

    Outside of work has certainly been a different world. As part of a team, I try my best to be conscious of that. I am always happy to see a kid’s face pop up on a call or hear a dog bark at the mail truck. These events remind me that we are all in the same boat, and we are all in this together!

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