Marketing teams make first-party customer data available across their organization

Do you spend so much time tracking down your customer data that you don’t have enough time to actually use it? 

Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint — from email to website actions and offline events — and unifies it into one easily accessible database.

This creates a single customer view to inform your marketing strategy while also streamlining workflows and making data accessible and actionable across your organization. Learn more about your customers, then use our native email and marketing automation platforms to activate them more effectively.. 

With Omeda, spend less time on admin work — and more time on the activities that really move the needle for your business.

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Eliminate data silos to establish a single customer view

  • Omeda stores each record by customer ID, not email address or phone number. So you have a single, unified view of each customer even if they change jobs or move. Automated identity resolution, de-duping and other workflows ensure that duplicates and errors are removed before they’re stored. 
  • Customer data flows in and out of the platform via nightly, weekly or monthly automated file drops, file sweeps and/or APIs. So every form submission ends up in your system of record, even if it’s submitted via a non-Omeda form. 
  • Automated field mapping ensures that you’re only collecting the data points you need — and that everyone on your team can understand what is being measured.

Harness data to deliver more personalized, engaging customer experiences

  • Evaluate site traffic and track individual website activity via Olytics, Omeda’s website analytics service. Use this to identify and prioritize your most promising audiences and strategies. 
  • Determine marketing qualified leads based on their previous activity via lead scoring.
  • Leverage audience data to create more personalized, effective outreach: Use Omeda’s email service provider to send newsletters to known users with topics of interest tailored to them. Or set up conferences in cities where your known and anonymous visitors are located.

Better evaluate ROI and identify your most impactful tactics

  • Omeda’s centralized database helps teams streamline their workflows. Spend less time on data collection and more time on high-priority creative tasks. 
  • Save time and resources by eliminating the need for third-party systems. Make your customer data more actionable and predictive — without incurring unnecessary costs. 
  • Spot your best referral sources and assess growth opportunities with our industry-leading reporting and analytics suite.

Increase conversions, revenue and customer lifetime value

  • Use Omeda’s website tracking capabilities to learn what products customers most commonly purchase together. Earn incremental revenue by creating premium tiers and/or cross-promotions centered on those products. 
  • Optimize website design, emails and marketing automation journeys to smooth the path to conversions. 
  • Generate revenue from your digital content via content gating, paywalls, integrations with Google Ads and AdRoll, etc.

Want to see Omeda in action?

Get a customized demonstration of how Omeda can help your business.