Omeda Partners With FreshAddress for Email Validation Services

    Last updated: September 10, 2018

    Omeda is excited to announce our new partnership with FreshAddress to utilize their email validation service.

    FreshAddress, using their proprietary database, has a scoring system which can determine the validity of an email address. They are able to flag email addresses as SafeToSend, as non-deliverable, and even flag those that they believe are spam-traps.  This valuable information can provide you with deliverability metrics to further segment the email addresses which may be reducing your sending reputation, which gives you one more way to obtain that coveted primary InBox delivery.

    As part of this partnership, Omeda has enabled a new data field in Audience Builder: Email Validity.  This data field will store the FreshAddress code and date, to allow you to easily build audience segments, excluding the troublesome email addresses from your sends. Upcoming on our roadmap is the ability to score email addresses upon entry on your webforms, stay tuned for further information on that release.

    Omeda, always working with you to further enhance your Audience!

    Please contact for pricing details and implementation.

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