Omeda Launches Content Metering

    Last updated: July 17, 2023


    CDP Solution Provides New Options for Audience Conversion and Monetization

    Chicago, IL: Today, Omeda, the industry’s leading audience relation management platform, announced a new metering tool which allows clients to gate content and present different messages as readers consume website content. This tool will let users design, launch, and scale custom welcome and messaging series depending on a myriad of audience segment factors, before ultimately blocking content and further pageviews.

    Regarding this new launch, Omeda’s CRO James Capo notes a key differentiator vs. other metering tools,  “All Omeda’s products and tools, including metering, are inherently tied to your audience database enabling you the ability to use all of your first part data to create custom flows and allowances. This data is based not only on known vs unknown, but WHO your known readers actually are. Now you can design different messaging and content based on demographic, contextual, and behavioral data, which gives publishers some very powerful tools”.

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    Omeda’s CDP solution continues to expand after a relaunch in mid-2018. In addition to website behavioral tracking working in conjunction with content meta data, Omeda has launched a Personalization tool allowing for popup modals and inline messaging as well as a Form Listener designed to bring in data from third-party forms. All of this is tied together in Odyssey, Omeda’s Marketing Automation solution which brings together email, social, display, website activation, and programmatic.

    About Omeda: Omeda provides the industry’s leading, end-to-end audience management solution. Our full suite of products and delivery channels including CDP, Marketing Automation, Metering, Social, and Display are designed to drive audience and digital revenue across your entire organization. This suite of products simplifies your complex MarTech stack, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best. Omeda’s differentiator is that our MarTech suite leverages our deep understanding of your data. This enables us to successfully bring together your disparate data silos, creating a real-time, fully managed and governed, single view of your audience.


    Tony Napoleone
    VP, Client Success
    Phone: 312-312-2005

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