Our New Identity

    Last updated: May 20, 2024

    Over the last year, we have made some significant changes: We acquired Sunbelt. We acquired Hallmark Data Systems. We invested in our technology and people via new products and through dynamic additions to our senior leadership team – changing our corporate culture.

    Because of these factors, we realized this was an appropriate time to make a change to our corporate identity. We have spent a lot of time discussing the value Omeda offers our clients. We spoke to our clients and have thought long and hard on how we want to convey our new identity.


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    The essence of our new identity focuses on the life cycle of audience data.  The circle represents the continuing flow of data and data structure needed as a foundation to grow your business.  The different colors represent audience segmentation. The circle in the middle and the “floating hat” represent the ability to target the right audience members.  Both are green to symbolize the most important piece: monetizing your audience.

    Our goal is to be the leading Audience Relationship Management platform and to help you find new ways to drive value and revenue from your audience data.  We are here to help you acquire, unify, manage and then activate your audience data.

    Our hope is that when you see our logo, some of the above thoughts will continue to come to mind. On a side note, while we are making some significant changes, we remain your audience experts with over 35+ years of experience.  We want to remain approachable, familiar and always a partner.


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