Refresh Your Website Targeting Strategy

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    As website visitor traffic remains high, there is an opportunity to better engage with your website visitors. Whether this be capturing your unknown website visitors to convert them into new, known audience members, or better serving the known visitors you already have, now is a great time to revamp your website messaging. One of the best ways to do so is to use targeted modal messaging on your sites to grab visitors’ attention and lead them down a conversion funnel. Omeda’s Personalization tool allows you to do just that through using web behavior data to identify and target page visitors.

    Sometimes, Personalization messages do not perform as strongly as we would hope they will. There is a lot of strategy and trial that goes into how to best target and communicate with your website audience. If you would like to refresh your website targeting strategy, try some of the tactics to optimize conversions.

    Adjust your Audience

    With Personalization messages, you have a lot of flexibility to target a broad audience or a very acute segment of people. Going larger may be better for converting unknown visitors to known audience members. Zoning in on a specific audience can help to engage visitors at a more personal level.  

    Hyper Targeting Ideas: Target repeat website visitors, use contextual data such as categories and tags to specify your messaging, or add in merge variables like company name or first name to reach individual people.
    Broad Targeting Ideas: Target all anonymous or all known visitors with more generic subject matter that is valuable to the majority of your audience.

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    Change Your Lead Magnet

    Consider changing up your “lead magnet” offering to see what generates the most conversions. A few ideas are newsletter and magazine offers, whitepaper or ebook downloads, webinar and event registrations, advertiser sponsored content and surveys. Changing your lead magnet may end up attracting more or different audience members than you were previously targeting.

    Button vs. iFrame Data Collection

    Consider changing the strategy of how you are collecting the data. Two common options for Personalization messages are using buttons and iFrames within the modal.

    A button will take the subscriber off your website page and to a web form.
    Advantage: You will be able to collect more information up front.
    Disadvantage: Taking a website visitor away from your page. Also, risking abandonment with asking too many questions up front.

    An iFrame will collect information within the personalization modal itself.
    Advantage: You will keep the website visitor on your page
    Disadvantage: You will need to limit how many fields you can collect in the modal

    Adjust your Display Frequency

    There is a fine line between targeting your audience members too much and not enough. You want to find that balance of showing them the message enough times that they engage with it, but not so many that you are frustrating them or driving them away from your site. If you would like to see better performance results for your targeting, consider increasing or decreasing the display frequency. You can also use the Skip After function, which allows you to limit the number of interactions for a customer within a set period of time. This way you can continue targeting your audience members without oversaturating those who have already engaged with the modal.

    Adjust Your Wait Time

    Similar to adjusting your frequency, another way to engage website visitors in a pleasant way is by using the wait time function. Consider increasing or decreasing the wait time in which a standard pesonalization type will display. You could add a 5 second wait time to the modal so that your visitor has a moment to land on your page before they are hit with a message. On the other hand, make sure your wait time is not too long, because many website visitors do not remain on the page very long. If you feel your message is not getting as many impressions as you would like you can always decrease the wait time to try to catch visitors as soon as they arrive.

    Change the Presentation

    Make changes to where the personalization is appearing on your website page. Sometimes, simply changing the format of the message will completely change the way visitors interact with it. More valuable information you may way to have appear right in the center of your page. Passive messaging may perform better in a subtle display option like a banner. There are a lot of different locations and formats that you can display your message, and trying out a few to see which has the most success is a great strategy. Here is more information on the different types of presentation options for Omeda’s Personalization tool.

    Change Personalization Type

    Consider using other messaging types besides Standard. At Omeda, we also offer Inline, Exit Intent or Scroll Trigger Personalization types which all have their own strengths. Inline is a creative way to integrate a message or advertisement directly into the page to be less imposing. Exit Intent is helpful as a last attempt to grab your audience’s attention before they leave your page. Scroll Trigger is a surprising message that can be a great option for when you want to serve your audience with something you think they will really benefit from. All of these options will help improve a web visitor’s experience.

    As stated previously, website visitor targeting has no perfect recipe for success. Every message is going to perform differently and every visitor is going to have their own preferences. By modifying your messages and targeting strategies, you can better engage and capture the audience members that you are trying to reach. Consistently implementing these different tactics and trying new approaches (with reviewing performance afterwards) will help you to find the most success with your website visitor engagement. If you have questions or would like more information on Omeda’s Personalization tool, please reach out to

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