Tips & Reminders: Audit and Interim Issues

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    by the Subscription Management Team

    With audit and interim issues quickly approaching, the Subscription Management Team wanted to remind you of a few things:

    Before Your Audited Issue:

    • If you’re using our OEC tool, be sure to work on any uncoded responses so that the records will process prior to the issue. It is a good idea to keep up with this throughout the year, but especially for your audited issue.
    • To have digital opens applied as requalifications, please open a Support Ticket under the ‘Platform Help – Other’ section. 
    • Keep an eye on your older than 3 year verification dates and demo dates. You may need to budget for new name acquisition if you have controlled names over 3 years that need to be removed entirely.
    • Are all of your telemarketing files processed? If you have any last-minute files to squeeze into the issue, telemarketing or otherwise, please make a comment in the issue close ticket. This will signal for production to wait on starting the close and dupe check galley until all files are processed.
    • Remember, dupe galleys are run 3 days prior to the scheduled pre-close date in the issue close ticket. Please make sure that all files processed prior to that day. If a file is loaded after the dupe galley is run, please comment in the issue close ticket requesting a new galley be run. This should be the exception though, not the rule.

    General Issue Close Reminders:

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    • When you need to change the dates on an upcoming issue close, please open a Support Ticket under the section Fulfillment > Production Schedule.
    • If you need to add customers from one brand to another within your database, these must still be treated as outside files when it comes to processing and must be done outside of an issue close ticket. Please create a Support Ticket under ‘Data Management’ for assistance.

    Please reach out to your Omeda representative if you need further assistance.

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