What Is Inline Personalization?

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    In the current content landscape, anyone can be a competitor for your audience’s attention. Businesses of all types are beginning to create their own content and develop engaged audiences. What sets your company apart is that your audience has a need for a very specific type of content that only you can provide. The Inline Personalization tool can help to increase your relevance for your audience by showing them that your content is specifically and personally meant for them.

    Inline Personalization is an enhancement to Omeda’s current Personalization tool. The modal version of personalization allows Omeda users to target their website audience with personalized content within a modal or popup. A visitor to your site is shown a popup if they fall within a specific segment of your audience – your anonymous site visitors, your site visitors that have data stored in your database, and finally a subset of your known audience you select in Audience Builder. Personalization users have put this to use in many ways, like when collecting consent to track their audience’s web behavior, directing magazine subscribers to a prefilled renewal form, and for displaying targeted ads.

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    Inline Personalization works in the same way by identifying your audience and displaying content specific to each audience member. However, the content you display here does not open in a secondary popup window, but instead displays directly within your native site. Like our personalized modals, this shows your audience that they are special to you. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you understand them and can help them find exactly what they didn’t know they needed. Your value as a provider is increased by offering content that is curated especially for them. Are they an audience member in New York? Make sure they know about the event you’re hosting in their area.

    In a cluttered content landscape where everything and nothing is available at the same time, Inline Personalization is the perfect tool to gain an advantage on grabbing and keeping the attention of your audience members. To get started using Inline Personalization or any related questions, please contact



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