Why Choose Omeda Over Constant Contact vs. ConvertKit

OmedaConstant ContactConvertKit
All-in-one customer data platform (CDP), with native marketing automation and subscription management
Automatic click bot identification and removal from reports
Omni-channel marketing activation
Content metering and monetization
Comprehensive multi-channel audience reporting including onsite taxonomy and engagement
Best for single or multi-brand, multi-channel, multi-product organizations
Best for small businesses
Best for media & publishing

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Top Reasons Why Enterprises Choose Omeda as Constant Contact alternative

All-in-one CDP, marketing automation and subscription management

Omeda’s email and marketing automation solution is part of an end-to-end audience marketing platform, which also includes a customer data platform (CDP) and a subscription management tool. The CDP unifies customer data from every platform — from email and forms to website activity, ads and offline engagement — so you can easily get a single profile for everyone in your audience. Incoming data is automatically added to each person’s customer profile and customers are added to segments based on their underlying data.

Besides saving time on migrating campaign data, this also helps you create more accurate, complete and current audience segments — and connect with your audience.

Neither Constant Contact nor ConvertKit have a native CDP or subscription solution. So if you’re managing multiple brands, and monetizing them with content, you’ll need to spend much more time managing your audience data and creating marketing segments than you would with an all-in-one solution.

Cross-channel marketing automation 

Omeda uses 100+ indicators to automatically remove click bots from email reports. This helps businesses separate real clicks from fraudulent activity and keep their lists safe. Omeda also provides specific reports about click bots, making it easier to identify lists and campaigns with high click bot activity.  

Neither Constant Contact and ConvertKit have bot detection, so you’ll need to manually identify and remove fake accounts from your lists.  

Best-in-class support

Omeda offers a variety of resources to help clients onboard the platform and reach their growth goals. Every new client is partnered with a dedicated client success manager, as well as additional technical help for implementation and integration setup.

Constant Contact and ConvertKit only provide phone- and chat-based support. Neither of these tools offer hands-on help with integrations or complex use cases, which could delay your campaigns and lengthen your time to impact.

Cross-channel marketing automation

With Omeda, you can create powerful omni-channel customer journeys spanning email, ads, and website targeting. These campaigns range from payment recovery and renewals to welcome series, lead nurturing campaigns, and more.  

And since Omeda’s linked to a CDP, you can create custom audience segments using 100+ different behavioral, demographic and/or purchase-based filters to make your audience as specific and relevant as possible (or use a segment you’ve already built using your CDP). 

Constant Contact and ConvertKit have limited automation capabilities: Constant Contact only offers welcome, birthday, and anniversary automations. Users can’t send abandoned payment messages, recover paid newsletters, or set up a timed newsletter. On ConvertKit, users can set up promos and send emails to contacts with specific tags, but more advanced capabilities are limited to premium users.

Sophisticated, predictive email reporting

Omeda reports don’t just tell you how your campaigns are performing, but why. In addition to open, click and click-through rates, it also uses heatmaps, URL-specific reports, user-specific reports, click bot summaries and other reports to help you see what’s driving success. 

Constant Contact only provides data on open rates and click rates, which has become less reliable in the wake of Apple’s recent privacy updates. They also lack heatmaps, open and send time, and user-specific metrics, so you can’t use your email reports to see how you can connect with individual customers. ConvertKit’s free plan only includes reports on unsubscribes and sign-ups, with engagement and deliverability stats limited to the most expensive plans.  

Industry fit

As the only tool with native CDP, marketing automation and subscription management capabilities, Omeda is ideal for media organizations, professional creators, associations or any company with a large audience that they’re engaging with content. 

For these companies, Omeda’s all-in-one audience marketing platform is typically more cost-effective and efficient than using a single-point solution, like Constant Contact and ConvertKit.   

Although Constant Contact can accommodate large sending volumes, its tools are better suited for retail and e-commerce businesses. With limited support options, ConvertKit is designed for smaller creators with a growing content business.   

Enterprises That Chose Omeda Over Others

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