Why Choose Omeda Over Sailthru vs PostUp

Want to understand the difference between Omeda, PostUp and Sailthru, now part of Marigold Engage? Looking for an alternative to Sailthru vs Postup? You’re in the right place.

OmedaMarigold Engage (Sailthru)PostUp
All-in-one customer data platform (CDP), with native marketing automation and subscription management
Built for media
In-house media expertise
Extensive onboarding and integrations support
On-site targeting and personalization
Omni-channel marketing automation
Content metering and monetization
Email reporting connected to the rest of your audience data sources
Ability to ingest third-party data
Advanced clickbot identification and automatic suppression
Best for single or multi-brand, multi-channel, multi-product organizations

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Top reasons why enterprises chose Omeda as a Marigold Engage (Sailthru) alternative

All-in-one email, CDP and subscription management

Omeda is the only email and marketing automation solution that’s part of an end-to-end audience marketing platform, which also includes a customer data platform (CDP) and a subscription management tool.  

The CDP takes in customer data from every touchpoint — from email and forms to website activity, ads and offline engagement. You automatically get one profile for each customer, regardless of where they’re engaging — no time-consuming data transfers required.  

Each new interaction (like an email open) is automatically added to each person’s customer profile and customers are added to segments as soon as they meet its underlying criteria.  

Sailthru, now Marigold Engage, is an email and marketing automation platform that is part of Marigold’s broader relationship marketing solution. It is not integrated with a CDP, which makes it more likely that you’ll create separate records for someone when you reach them through email v. a website personalization. You’ll also need to manually merge your Marigold Engage records with the rest of your tech stack, adding unnecessary time and expense to your workflows. 

Marigold Engage (Sailthru) also has several on-site targeting and personalizations built on the user’s data, including dynamic content and on-site product recommendations. But without a single view of each customer, you’ll need to perform additional data transfers, cleaning and deduping to ensure that your targeting isn’t distorted by incomplete customer data and that you’re sending the right messages to customers. (For instance, if you’re targeting someone that’s engaged three times in the last three months, but you have 2 profiles for one person, you’ll likely miss at least one of those interactions and fail to target them effectively.)  

PostUp, recently acquired by by Upland Software, is a media and publishing-centric email sending platform.  

While it has robust email and personalization capabilities, PostUp lacks a native CDP and a subscription management solution. So as your campaign demands rise, you’ll need to spend much more time verifying your data and creating marketing segments than you would with an all-in-one solution. Media companies will also need to invest in a third-party solution to manage subscriptions, including auto-renewals, failed payments, physical and print fulfillment, adding additional time and expense to an already costly operation.  

For media brands, Omeda’s all-in-one audience marketing platform is more affordable and streamlined than using single-point solutions.   

Onboarding and integrations support

Omeda is not a one-size-fits-all solution: It emphasizes onboarding and provides integration support to ensure that the product fits the specifics of each individual client.  

To contrast, PostUp is a turnkey solution that presents the product as actionable straight out of the box. Without onboarding support, you could have more difficulty setting up custom integrations, reporting and dashboards on the platform.  

Marigold Engage (Sailthru) also lacks premium consulting or integration services, making it more difficult to execute premium use cases or connect your tech stack to your email.  

Email reporting connected to the rest of your database

Omeda’s real-time email reports give you the blueprint for better engaging your audience. With heatmaps, URL-specific reports, user-specific reports, and click bot summaries, you can pinpoint exactly what’s driving success and replicate it moving forward. Dashboards can also be customized to fit each team’s needs.  

And since Omeda is connected to a CDP, each recipient’s activity is automatically added to their system of record — no transfers required. Your email team has instant access to each person’s email record, so they can create segments and personalize their outreach more quickly. 

While Marigold Engage (Sailthru) and PostUp have comprehensive real-time reporting, both have shortcomings that could create unnecessary busywork and lengthen your time to follow up. Because they’re not connected to a CDP, users of these tools must take additional steps to connect someone’s email activity to the rest of their profile.   

Also, while Marigold Engage (Sailthru) has real-time reporting, users have reported that it is missing basic features like mobile/desktop splits and that it could be more customizable.  

Personalized on-site targeting

Both Omeda and Marigold Engage (Sailthru) help customers drive personalized 1:1 interactions with customers through on-site targeting. Omeda offers content recommendations and on-site messaging, whereas Marigold Engage (Sailthru) offers on-site messaging, product recommendations, and app messaging/SMS capabilities.   

However, personalization is only as good as the data underlying it. On Omeda, each customer’s profile includes every interaction from every channel. Incoming data is verified, standardized and cleared of duplicates, so you can always trust that your customer profiles are complete, current and correct. 

Since Marigold Engage isn’t connected to a CDP, you’ll need to use a third-party tool to unify, validate, and remove dupes from customer profiles to be sure that you’ll reach the right people with the right offers.  

PostUp does not offer on-site targeting.  

Content metering and monetization

Omeda provides a vast suite of paywalls, gated content and subscription-based services to help you drive revenue from your content. And because Omeda’s connected to a CDP and subscription management solution, payments are processed right through the platform and automatically added to the subscriber’s system of record.

Neither Marigold Engage (Sailthru) nor PostUp offer metering. So if monetizing content is a core part of your business, you would need to use a third-party service to gate your content and process the payments.

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