Optimize your workflows and maximize efficiency using Omeda

Create successful customer journeys without the stress of managing multiple pieces of tech. 

Omeda combines a CDP with native email, robust marketing automation and subscription management capabilities, so you can orchestrate complex customer journeys all from one location. Spend less time tracking down customer data while making collaboration and attribution easier than ever before.

Give your team the time and energy to invest in creative tasks — and make the biggest impact for your company.

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Simplify your tech stack to reduce busywork and waste

  • Omeda combines customer data platform, email, marketing automation and subscription fulfillment into one platform. Reduce data silos and democratize access to key information. 
  • Improve productivity and minimize busywork by storing relevant information in one easily accessible location. 
  • Reduce marketing spend by using one end-to-end audience relationship management solution rather than several piecemeal tools that only meet some of your needs.

Centralize knowledge in one place and collaborate more effectively

  • Omeda takes in customer data from every touchpoint and combines it into one database. Give everyone on your team the most complete, comprehensive view of your audience. 
  • Configurable database views give each team member the information they need to drive impact. Reduce time spent transferring data and tracking down information.  
  • Grant, revoke and manage access to sensitive customer information from one central location.

Evaluate performance and spend across all channels

  • Identify success levers in real time through sophisticated website activity tracking, email reports, A/B testing and more.
  • Create a customizable attribution system for audiences, leads and channels with Lead Scoring. 
  • Shift time and budget from technology to creative tasks and additional resources. 
  • Measure individual and campaign results against KPIs with our best-in-class reporting and analytics.

Want to see Omeda in action?

Get a customized demonstration of how Omeda can help your business.