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Success Story: Northstar Travel Group


Learn how Northstar Travel Group drove audience growth and email efficiencies by simplifying their MarTech stack.

Find out how Northstar's move to Omeda helped support:

Audience Growth

In the first 18 months since implementation, Northstar has seen a 37% increase in their audience database size.


Increase in Audience Database

Email Workflow

A simplified MarTech stack led to a 56% increase in email efficiencies thanks to seamless integrations and stability.


Increase in Email Efficiency

Resource Reallocation

Database and development resources were completely reallocated to other critical corporate projects and acquisitions.


Reallocation of Technical Resources

Roberta Muller - Northstar Travel Group

Embracing the Omeda single technology platform has enabled us to focus our attention on the strategic value of our database. Our data is more than just audience. It is about how we get to know our users better because our data is behavior, contextual, trending, pathing, and fully understanding the sources of where the data is derived from.

Roberta Muller - SVP of Product Development, Northstar Travel Group

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