AMO x Omeda Webinar Series: Part 3

    Recorded on: June 20, 2024

    Unlocking the Value of Your Audience

    Amanda Phillips, Vice President of Marketing at Active Interest Media, and Dustin Titus, President of Zoomer Media, joined Jacob Donnelly of A Media Operator to discuss the power of an audience-first strategy. In this webinar, they discuss and dissect:

    • The state of and the role of audiences in today’s media, publishing, and content business
    • What an audience-first strategy looks like
    • The critical ingredients of an audience plan and strategy
    • The essential skills, culture, tech, and data environments required to ensure your audience and business thrive


    This webinar is the final of a three-part series on how leading media teams are growing, engaging and transforming their businesses in the post-platform era. Watch the other parts now:

    Part 1: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Insights on the State and Fate of Media

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