How subscription teams use Omeda for magazine subscription management

Subscriptions provide mission-critical revenue for magazine teams. But managing each part of the subscription lifecycle manually creates unnecessary work for publishers and complicates the subscriber experience.

Omeda automates the entire subscription lifecycle so your customers get the issues they want like clockwork — and you can spend more time creating content.

Collect payments, integrate subscriber data and send newsletters all from one database. Combine your subscriptions with our data management and marketing automation tools to activate your subscribers and drive long-term growth.

Omeda is trusted by the world’s top brands

Subscription and circulation teams simplify magazine management with Omeda

  • Save time and make payments easier
  • Provide more efficient subscriber experiences
  • Prevent involuntary churn and protect revenue

Top 3 reasons subscription and circulation teams should choose Omeda as their magazine subscription management software

Automate your magazine subscription lifecycle and generate more revenue with Omeda.

Save time and make payments easier

Subscriptions provide a predictable flow of revenue to publishers. But that’s only the case if your customers are able to submit payments in a convenient way. Easily stay on top of each payment with our self-service portals and payment failure reminders.

  • Collect payments more quickly and improve customer experience via a self-service payment portal.
  • Reduce time spent resolving payment issues by using Omeda’s experienced customer service team.

Provide more efficient subscriber experiences

Omeda has a long history of managing audited, controlled and paid title subscriptions. Our capabilities range from print and digital magazines to newsletters, website access, single-copy sales, site licenses and more.

So no matter how your media business grows, your billing structure can scale alongside it.

  • Deliver issues like clockwork with print and digital fulfillment services.
  • Generate and customize invoices for gift, group, and trial series. We accommodate multiple schedules and price points at once so you can have the most flexibility over your pricing.
  • Identify growth opportunities with in-depth reports including in-depth renewal percentage, expire and auto-renewal analysis, paid audit reporting, and a full financial reporting package.

Prevent involuntary churn and protect revenue

Are you missing opportunities to generate revenue from your work? Are you losing subscribers for good when their cards expire or they change their email?

Our automated auto-renewal suite and content monetization tools empower teams to earn more revenue from each subscriber without impacting productivity.

  • Recover payments with our automated auto-renewal suite, including credit card updater syncs, advance notification emails, and optional multiple retry attempts on failed charges.
  • Increase the ROI of your digital content with website gating, payment packages and digital subscriptions.
  • Use our query tool to segment subscribers based on common traits. Then target them with personalized campaigns or cross-promotions via our built-in email and marketing automation tools.

Ready to maximize revenue and growth with Omeda’s magazine subscription management solution?

  • Save time and make payments easier
  • Provide more efficient subscriber experiences
  • Prevent involuntary churn and protect revenue

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