Doing More with Less: Why Automating and Utilizing Data is Crucial for Audience Marketers

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    In the current publishing climate, marketing teams are being asked to tackle an increasing amount of objectives. Teams often times are small, but expectations for their performance are growing rapidly.  So how can you accomplish all of these goals to increase revenue?

    Two words: Data & Automation.

    Sounds nice, but is it truly that simple to do more with less? The short answer: absolutely. The long answer: you need to make sure you have the right ‘systems’ in place — with the proper people and the right checks and balances behind them.

    Get ahead with innovative marketing automation! Unleash conversions & engage audiences:

    When we talk about setting up the right ‘systems,’ you need to be able to automatically collect data on your audience and in turn, engage with your audience efficiently and effectively.  An Audience Relationship Management (ARM) system should be employed so that you can simplify your tech stack and achieve more of your goals as you target smarter and put the data to work for you.

    Here are four key attributes to focus on when considering an Audience Relationship Management Platform.
    Does it:

    1. Acquire
    2. Unify
    3. Manage
    4. Activate

     1. Acquire

    Through having an ARM system in place, you and your team can focus on strategy rather than data entry.

    Just think about that for a second, you do not have to worry about creating spreadsheets or taking the endless time to enter data. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

    The step of acquiring data through an ARM platform allows you to gain key audience insights through multiple platforms — from the events they attend to the content engagement and websites visited.  This audience data is so important to gather from multiple sources so that you can later analyze, target your audience smarter, and drive revenue.

    2. Unify

    Unification of your customer data is the foundation for success. Having everything in one place and then being able to integrate from third parties as well – is key to understanding your target audience. If you are working with several third parties, then you need to make sure that the ARM you are using can pull in data and unify from multiple sources. Unification is crucial to putting together the strategic plan and to move forward with content and products your consumers crave. It provides for the complete view of the customer.

     3. Manage

    Now that you have the data coming in and unified, you can focus on setting up automation campaigns to manage and engage with your audience in real time.

    To help with time management and engagement, behavioral email campaigns are amazing in accomplishing both. Based on your strategy and the ARM you have in place; you can set up automated campaigns to your audience based on how they engage with your website or content marketing campaign(s).  A behavioral email campaign will allow you to avoid list fatigue. Our marketing automation capabilities offer a unique range in versatility as our Odyssey canvas is complete with email capabilities, Facebook, personalization, etc.

    In having all of your audience under one ARM platform, you are more easily able to connect and engage with your target audience at the right time. Having the marketing automation in place, you can easily  execute on more with less.

    4. Activate

    What is the strongest part about all of this? The power to activate your audience. A new way to monetize your audience and to create new products and revenue streams. Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to engage their audience and the power of an ARM platform to simplify your tech stack will help you to do more with less. On top of this, you are doing a service to your audience in providing them with the information when and where they want it.

    Through employing the right tools (and simplifying the tech stack), even smaller-sized teams can set effective campaigns into motion. The audience is the heart and soul of any publishing company and setting up the best mode to target and understand them is what will facilitate their brand loyalty and drive revenue.

    Do more with less.

    For more information, check out this white paper on what to look for in an Audience Relationship Management (ARM) system to improve revenue performance and drive product development.

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