Best Resources of 2022

    Last updated: May 15, 2024

    With the start of a new year comes new goals, strategic shifts, and undertakings for marketers. As you prepare for 2023, it’s worth looking back on what worked for your digital marketing, what didn’t, and what’s coming next in the new year.

    Kickstart your 2023 digital strategy with our best – and most used – resources. Here, you’ll find email marketing analysis and best practices, insights on marketing automation and data privacy, and some customer success stories to inspire your next big campaign.

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    Top Resources for Email Marketing Strategy and Analytics

    Our quarterly email engagement reports: Email marketing underwent a significant evolution this year – and we stayed on top of the latest trends. Every quarter, we analyzed engagement stats from our largest client senders and compiled them into a report, and provided our own context and analysis for additional guidance (check out the Q3 report here!).

    The Impact of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection – 6 months later: The release of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) fundamentally changed the way email marketers measure and evaluate their success. In this follow-up, we tested the impact of MPP six months in, then advised marketers on how to adjust their marketing strategy moving forward.

    How to Improve Email Deliverability and Engagement: Deliverability is essential to conducting marketing activities effectively. In this post, learn how to assess and improve your email deliverability, regain email sending credibility after an IP block, and improve overall engagement from your email universe.

    Omeda’s Email Service Provider Playbook: The right Email Service Provider (ESP) is one that can execute sophisticated marketing automation campaigns while also simplifying your MarTech stack. This playbook presents the four biggest benefits of unifying your MarTech stack, starting with an Email Service Provider as well as essential features for any ESP.

    Top Resources for Marketing Automation and First-Party Data

    Your Guide to First Party Data: Marketers need to capture and activate first-party data to learn more about their customers and personalize campaigns for their individual needs. This playbook explains the benefits of first-party data, then presents five ways to harness first-party data for marketing success.

    Increase Visitor Engagement Using Omeda’s Content Recommendation Feature: Omeda’s new Content Recommendation feature delivers on-page content recommendations to users based on their previous behaviors, and the behaviors of similar users. Tune in for this demo of our content recommendation tool and watch some key use cases in action.

    PMMI Media Group’s Impressive First-Party Data Growth: At our annual Omeda Idea Exchange, Emma Udell joined Nick Grisch, our Client Success Manager, for a presentation on how PMMI has collected and leveraged first-party data with Omeda. Check out this whitepaper for proven examples of how they’ve converted unknown website visitors into known prospects – and start thinking about your own data strategy.

    Marketing Automation Best Practices Guide: Marketing automation has evolved from a value-add to an absolute must-have for any marketing strategy. This guide presents the benefits of marketing automation, the must-have features of a top solution and the top three elements of campaigns proven to convert.

    How Lessiter Media is Monetizing Omeda’s Personalization Tool: In this 30-minute webinar, Luke Weigel describes how Lessiter Media is using Omeda’s Personalization tool by offering sponsors welcome popups on their website. Watch more to learn how Lessiter is selling its pop-up advertising program, including pricing structure, placement, priority and targeting.

    Top Subscriber Acquisition & Retention Resources

    Subscription Playbook: Subscriptions are an actionable way to monetize your content and generate revenue for your media business. This guide presents the benefits of subscriptions in B2B media and the 9 simple tactics that will help you build a successful subscription model.

    How BNP Effectively Increased Successful Auto-Renewal Charges: In this 30-minute webinar, discover how BNP Media successfully targeted auto-renewal subscribers and reduced fail rates for their subscriptions.

    Top Privacy & Data Governance Resources

    U.S. Federal Privacy Law on the Horizon: What’s in the Proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)?: We summarize the proposed ADPPA, outline its impact and scope and discuss its implications for marketers moving forward.

    What is click fraud / how do click bots work?: The rise of click bots has made it harder to trust open and click data – or conduct marketing activities securely. Learn how to identify common signs of click fraud and mitigate their impact on your business in this post.

    US State Privacy Law Tracker: Many states are set to pass new data privacy regulations in 2023, with California and Virginia’s laws taking effect on January 1. Use our data privacy law tracker to stay on top of this year’s changes.

    Top Educational Resources

    Omeda Academy: Get the most out of Omeda with our comprehensive library of product-focused courses, webinars and guides, which is constantly updated by our Client Success team to keep up with your most common use cases.

    Omeda Benchmark Calculator: See how your email marketing metrics measure up against industry standards with our benchmark calculator, which refreshes every quarter with the latest numbers.

    80 Media Industry Acronyms You Should Know: From TOFU and BOFU to CAC and CPC, the media industry’s swimming with acronyms that’re all starting to sound the same. We’re setting the record straight with this list of the 80 most common media acronyms and definitions for each.

    Wrapping Up

    Want to try out some new tactics in 2023? Reach out to your CSM to identify your goals and chart your path moving forward.

    And if you’re not working with Omeda, we’d love to help you grow, engage, and monetize your audience in 2023. Reach out to us at to get started!

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