Best Resources of 2023

    Last updated: May 13, 2024

    From ad slowdowns to the advent of AI, 2023 was a wild year in media. As we approach 2024, it’s time to reflect back on what worked, what didn’t, and what’s ahead on the horizon.   

    Get ready to reach your audience growth goals with our best — and most used — resources. Read on for our best advice on email marketing analysis, personalization and audience data, and subscription strategy, as well as some customer success stories to spark some ideas for next year. 

    Top Resources for Email Marketing Strategy and Analytics 

    Our comprehensive email engagement reports: From Link Tracking Protection to Google and Yahoo’s upcoming anti-spam measures, email marketing evolved a lot this year. Each quarter, we tracked more than 1.8 billion emails sent through our platform to see what was driving key changes and what you could expect going forward. 

    Streamline your tech stack: Boost efficiency, unify data & retain talent! Get expert tips now:

    Webinar: How to prepare for Google and Yahoo’s new requirements: Google and Yahoo are set to enforce tighter email authentication and anti-spam measures in February 2024. In this webinar, our customer success team told us how to prepare for these changes and protect deliverability and engagement in the process. (Check out the full white paper on this topic here!). 

    How to stay out of the Gmail Promotions tab: Landing in the secondary tab of your audience’s inboxes hurts your newsletter’s visibility and reduces advertiser ROI. Learn how to improve your inbox placement and maximize email engagement with tips from our deliverability team. 

    Top Resources for First-Party Data

    How to build and enhance your customer profiles: To stay on top of your customers’ needs, you need to collect, unify and standardize their customer data quickly enough to create actionable and predictive profiles. And then you need to activate it quickly enough to actually connect with the people you’re trying to reach. In this post, learn how to create customer profiles and use them to drive results. 

    7 best practices to inform your personalization strategy: According to Deloitte research, personalization can even deliver up to 8x return on investment. But if you’re basing your targeting on bad data, or you’re not applying it in the right ways, you still won’t give your audience the customized experiences they expect. In this post, learn how to personalize your content and please your audience. 

    Top Resources for Subscription Management and Customer Experience

    What can publishers take away from the NYT’s digital success?: We explore why The New York Times is so successful at attracting and retaining digital subscribers — and how to apply their learnings to your strategy.

    Actionable ways to manage your audience growth costs: 2023 was marked by economic uncertainty, an ad revenue slowdown and record job losses. In this guide, we tell you how to mitigate budget cuts, handle your audience costs and make the most of the “more with less” era.  

    5 reasons your paywalls aren’t working: Not getting enough conversions from your paywalls? Optimize your meters and drive more revenue from your content with our conversion best practices. 

    Upselling and cross-selling: how to improve lifetime value: Upselling and cross-selling helps you create more valuable experiences for subscribers while also generating new revenue for your business. But poorly timed upsells will backfire on your brand. In this post, learn how to use your data to drive successful up- and cross-sell campaigns.

    Recirculation: how to improve lifetime value and revenue: With subscriber acquisition costs on the rise, optimizing for recirculation is way more effective (and usually, easier) than continually chasing new readers. Improve your recirculation rates and keep your readers engaged long-term with our team’s tips. 

    Top Data Privacy Resources

    How to achieve cross-functional collaboration in data governance: Bettina Lindner Lippisch, Omeda’s VP of Privacy and Data Governance, shares best practices for adopting a privacy-first culture in your organization.

    Privacy, data governance and CDPs: a symbiotic relationship that drives better decision making: Lindner Lippisch discusses the importance of customer data platforms in maintaining and securing your customer data and securing your customers’ trust.

    U.S. state privacy law tracker: Get ready for new state-level privacy regulations in 2024 with our updated state privacy law tracker!

    Top Customer Success Stories 

    How Omeda + GA Data drive new sales & upend content strategy: In this webinar, learn how Randall Reilly combined Omeda’s robust audience data with Google Analytics to give their sales and content team better audience insights — and helped them drive stronger content and revenue.

    Webinar: How Questex drove nearly $6M in ad revenue from its content channel campaign: Watch to learn how Questex used Omeda’s CDP to turn one-time site visits into sustainable, long-term engagement and drive ad revenue — and see how you repeat their success. 

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