Omeda announces new partnership with CredSpark

    Last updated: June 7, 2024

    Chicago, IL – May 28, 2024

    Omeda — a professional audience data and SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for media companies — and CredSpark — the leading provider of audience engagement and insights solutions — announced an expansion of their existing partnership to help their mutual client bases maximize their audience data investment. 

    Omeda and CredSpark will create a deeper, real-time data integration and collaborate to develop new technologies to drive audience engagement, revenue, subscriptions, and lead generation.

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    Joint customers will be able to pair CredSpark’s interactive content offerings with Omeda’s Integrated Audience Data Platform, so they can collect more actionable audience data and engage readers through interactive polls and surveys, all while driving more revenue and lifetime value for their business. 

    CredSpark and Omeda created this initiative to help their clients deliver the immersive, interactive content experiences their audiences have come to expect. 

    “We know our customers struggle to engage their audiences, and that directly impacts their ability to monetize and generate value from their audience,” said Tony Napoleone, Vice President of Client Experience at Omeda. “We’re confident our partnership with CredSpark is a solution to those challenges. Together, we make it easier for professional media teams to connect with their audiences while driving revenue and growth.” 

    More than 200 media and publishing brands have used Omeda and CredSpark to collect better first-party data, drive revenue and sign-ups, and improve advertising performance. 

    “We’ve gotten great results from combining our Omeda database with CredSpark’s interactive quizzes.  I can’t think of anywhere else where we get that level of engagement. It’s been a powerful way to connect with our audience, while gathering first-party data to increase the value of our audience for our advertisers,” said Joyce Neth, VP and Director of Audience Engagement at WATT Global Media.

    Omeda and CredSpark will help their mutual clients continue that positive momentum so they can build sustainable businesses while keeping audience experience at the forefront. 

    “Omeda and CredSpark’s integrated capabilities present media businesses with exciting new opportunities to build sustainable revenue and business models by creating compelling audience experiences that generate real-time, zero-party data, along with insights that can be used to better inform business and editorial decisions, improve marketing and sales targeting, and develop more innovative approaches to digital advertising. In a very challenging media landscape, this expanded partnership is a big win for the industry,” said Lev Kaye, Founder and CEO of CredSpark.

    Clients interested in learning more about this new partnership should contact their representatives at Omeda and CredSpark.

    About CredSpark:

    CredSpark is a New York City-based audience engagement platform and services firm. The company helps clients create immersive, interactive content experiences that deepen audience engagement, assess knowledge, collect feedback and consent, surface insights from audience data, and support personalized digital experiences.

    Learn more about CredSpark.

    About Omeda:

    Omeda is a SaaS provider delivering the platform and expertise required to maximize the value of media and publishing businesses’ most critical asset — their audience. The platform of choice for B2B and B2C media professionals, Omeda’s integrated solution, which includes a customer data platform, workflow automation, email automation, and subscription management, provides the professional tools and controls required to maximize a media business’ diverse revenue streams, power 24/7 audience development, and orchestrate precise targeting for measurable results. Our platform is built by passionate audience pros, workflow masters, and data nerds who partner with our customers to grow and thrive in a disruptive media world. 

    Learn more about Omeda. 

    For comment or more information, contact: 

    Barry Tonoff
    Head of Marketing, CredSpark

    Kathleen McAuliffe
    Content Marketing Manager, Omeda 

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