Optimize Online Engagement Via Personalization

    Last updated: July 30, 2018

    People interact constantly with their devices. We have all seen the various studies indicating that attention spans are decreasing as the amount of information in the market is increasing. The question becomes: how do we keep up and break through the clutter online, how and when do we engage? At Omeda, we are continually working on new products to activate your audience.

    Concurrently, we are also working to increase our own audience engagement – both online and offline. One main avenue for driving engagement online is our website. Instead of focusing solely on driving traffic to our site, we strive for the engagement with our audience. We recognize that the amount of visitors who come to our website won’t boost the sites’ ranking unless we engage visitors proactively.

    The typical avenues for boosting engagement such as videos, displaying relevant content and articles, responsive design, etc. are all being utilized. However, recently, we have employed our own technology and seen tremendous success and an uptick in engagement after employing our personalization modals.

    By using personalization modals and offering relevant offers or content to those looking to subscribe to a newsletter or learn more about an event, you can actively engage your audience. More importantly, you can use sophisticated targeting as the Omeda platform recognizes your audience member and can specifically provide relevant offers to that individual.

    Collecting emails is crucial for understanding in what ways you can engage with and target your audience in the future. Visitors can willingly opt into certain programs that are relevant to them — and if the experience is positive, they will return for more content. Each visitor is provided a unique experience as you query from your database.

    We recently established a pattern on our site where those who attended our OX2 event in Chicago would receive a personalization modal – We hope those of you who were at OX2 are enjoying the messaging on the newly released content from the event!… This is unique in that the users who hadn’t attended the event received an offering instead for a white paper. The modals can be prioritized within the interface. Offering these customized experiences is a strategic way to break through the noise and give your audience the relevant content that they crave. As always, reach out to your client success team at to work towards setting up your own personalization modals!

    — Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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