Omeda’s 10 Best Resources From 2021

    Last updated: July 7, 2023

    The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection and resolutions—even for marketers. To wrap up 2021, we created a list of our top content to bring you the best insights all in one place.

    From email deliverability best practices to the power of first-party data, here’s a roundup of our 10 best—and most popular—resources to help jumpstart your digital strategy in 2022.

    Top Resources About Email Deliverability & Email Best Practices

    #1—Email Deliverability Best Practices – Webinar

    Our first webinar of 2021, Email Deliverability Best Practices, covered a lot of ground including email security, how unengaged emails impact your reputation and inbox delivery, and what happens when you purchase third-party data. Our email marketing experts highlight enhancements you can make, plus messaging best practices to adopt in order to boost reporting metrics.

    Streamline your tech stack: Boost efficiency, unify data & retain talent! Get expert tips now:

    As a bonus, we wrote a white paper to dive even further into email deliverability—download it here!

    #2—How Will Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Affect Email Marketing? We Tested it So You Don’t Have To – Blog

    Still confused about how Apple’s MPP will affect your email marketing campaigns? We don’t blame you. Read our comprehensive overview that dives into our testing methods and reveals everything to know about MPP and its impact.

    #3—Four Engagement Trends That Drive Email Deliverability – Blog

    The key to a strong email deliverability strategy lies in consistency, continuous improvement, and most importantly—engagement. Engagement trends have a huge impact on deliverability, so fostering an environment ripe for engagement is your best bet to ensure your emails land in recipient inboxes. Read the top 4 engagement trends to focus on now.

    #4—Our Most Comprehensive Email Engagement Report Ever – Report

    Every quarter, we gather email delivery and engagement statistics from Omeda clients into a single report. This report includes email data for Q3 2021, as well as a comparison to email statistics from Q1 and Q2 2021. Essentially, this report will tell you everything you need to know about the state of email engagement in 2021. Give it a look and start planning for 2022.

    #5—Avoiding the Spam Folder: 175 Email Trigger Words & Phrases That’ll Land You in Spam – Blog

    There are so many ways to land in the spam folder these days. We know how frustrating it is, but fear not! We’re here to help combat this occurrence with a list of spammy words and phrases that can trigger spam filters to help you avoid the spam folder. Welcome to your ultimate “spam folder avoidance” guide.

    Most Popular Insights for Customer Data Platform & First-Party Data

    #6—Customer Data Platform Playbook: Your Guide to all Things CDP – White Paper

    This is one of Omeda’s most comprehensive playbooks and is popular for a reason. We dive into 7 proven plays to take your audience strategy to the next level by leveraging a CDP. From personalization through data-driven insights to the power of first-party data, this playbook has it all. Get your copy now.

    #7—First Party Data – 4 Strategies for Converting Unknown to Known – Blog

    First-party data grows increasingly crucial as we consider the addition of new privacy laws and the disappearance of the third-party cookie. One thing remains consistent—the relationship with your audience. Now is the time to strategically incorporate campaigns to convert more unknown visitors to known so you can own more first-party data and drive revenue.

    #8—Personalization Performance Metrics: On-site Popups and Modals – Blog

    The Personalization tool is part of Omeda’s CDP solution and is a favorite of Omeda’s more progressive clients because it supports a variety of audience growth, engagement, and monetization campaigns. Find out what we’ve learned from 3,700 campaigns and 160 million impressions.

    Our Best Subscriber Acquisition & Subscription Revenue Content

    #9—5 Subscriber Acquisition & Retention Strategies You Can Leverage NOW – Webinar

    Our final webinar of the year featured insights into growth strategies from WATT Global Media and CFE Media & Technology and how they used marketing automation to engage their audience. Watch this webinar for actionable tactics to grow your audience and create an effective subscriber acquisition and retention plan for every budget.

    Plus, download the infographic—11 Subscriber Acquisition & Retention Strategies You Can Leverage Now.

    #10—4 Tactics to Increase Paid Subscription Revenue – Blog

    While compelling content is still the biggest factor in increasing sales for publishers, a mix of targeted marketing promotions and online tactics can give subscriptions an extra boost. This piece offers 4 actions you can take to grow your subscription revenue using Omeda’s audience data platform.

    Bonus Content!

    It wouldn’t be a true roundup without a bonus piece of content. We thought you might also enjoy this piece, 5 Non-Traditional Marketing Ideas to Cut Through the Clutter, as you consider your strategy for 2022 and work to bring fresh, new ideas into the mix.

    To brainstorm some new tactics for 2022, contact your CSM, who will work with you to identify your goals and help align the right strategy.

    If you aren’t already working with Omeda, we’d love to connect to brainstorm different ideas around how to grow, engage, and monetize your audience while simplifying your MarTech stack. Reach out to us at

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