Top 3 Benefits to Utilizing a Consent Management Platform (CMP)

    Last updated: February 24, 2023

    1. Gaining Consent

      With the recent flurry of privacy laws (GDPR, and needing to opt-in) and (CCPA, needing to opt out), many are looking for new means to collect and manage the process around data collection. The two laws listed above are merely the beginning of privacy lawss – it is only a matter of time before they take shape. Therefore, it’s extremely pertinent to get going on data consent management so that there is a structure in place which proves you have gained explicit consent. With Omeda’s CMP, you can view that consent easily on the customer level in audience search.

    2. Strengthen Relationships with your Audience

      When your customers see that you take their data seriously and ask for consent, you are not only covering your bases as a company but you are establishing a trust with your audience. Signaling transparency is extremely important in this climate. We can’t stress this point enough and wish we could bold it twice. With the upcoming cookie changes and the importance of first-party data, the audience’s affinity for your brand and trust will be increasingly vital.

      In fact, the Omeda CMP contains a library of cookies within the tool to provide your audience with the information they need to understand how your platforms use cookies to improve their experience and serve content relevant to them. With this understanding, your audience can then provide their consent to the categories of cookies your platforms use.

    3. They are Highly Customizable

      Consent Management Platforms are designed to be highly customizable. There are many unobtrusive modals that can be implemented to request the necessary information and not interfere with the content. It is important to be able to tailor messaging and consent categories that are consistent with your platform’s branding and deployment of cookies. When CMPs first began, many of the delivery modes were not as sophisticated and now they are much less distracting and obtrusive.


    With Omeda There’s a 4th Benefit: Simplify Your MarTech Stack

    In choosing a CMP that integrates with your audience data, you can then serve up the proper permission-based off each unique customer profile. This also relates to the second point in this blog, it’s important to show your customers that you know your audience! Serve up the right messages to the proper audience and tie it all back seamlessly into your database. Since everything updates in real-time, you can properly provide or block cookies according to your audiences’ preferences.

    Upgrade your privacy game: Watch the webinar with our VP who shares crucial security insights:

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