Dashboards – Understanding Your Audience

    Last updated: July 17, 2023

    Have you set your goals for your Audience Contact Data yet?  We released the first iteration of our new Dashboard at OX2 where you can view your total audience by channel, toggle the audience intersection off and on, and measure the richness of your contact data by setting goals and benchmarking how close you are to achieving that goal.  Dashboards are also profile-based, so you can create a profile and see your data by Brand as well as Total Universe.  Take it a step further by acting upon the data in your dashboard.  Right from the Dashboard screen, you are able to push a segment to further refine in Audience Builder or send it straight to Odyssey and start your marketing automation multi-channel campaign.

    If you haven’t set your all your products yet to populate your Event, Whitepaper, or Webinar categories, contact your Account Manager or to get started now!

    Streamline your tech stack: Boost efficiency, unify data & retain talent! Get expert tips now:

    You can learn more about Dashboards here. We currently hard at work on the next phase of our dashboards and look forward to sharing them soon!

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