Audience Excellence in Action with Questex

July 25, 2024 at 11:00 am CST

Perfecting the event experience with Omeda and CredSpark 

There’s a disconnect between what event organizers provide and what attendees value, according to the Freeman Trends Report.

Audience feedback helps you close that gap. But what if you can’t collect the data you need to improve your attendees’ experiences?

Last year, Questex found themselves in this position: Their disjointed post-event survey process kept them from collecting attendee feedback and making necessary improvements.

But by combining Omeda’s integrated audience data platform with CredSpark’s interactive content offerings, they created a more targeted, successful survey that gave them the insights they needed to create better event experiences. In this webinar, see how they did it — and learn how to replicate it yourself.

Webinar: Audience Excellence in Action with Questex