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Collecting, simplifying, understanding and growing audience data is our business. At the core of every successful media brand is the ability to engage and captivate their consumers. There is no better way to know your audience than to understand when and how they interact with your engagement efforts and what content resonates with them. 

Email Engagement Data

Omeda's email engagement reports are created quarterly and contain engagement statistics from some of our largest client senders. The quarterly reviews serve as a reference to identify how your email statistics compare to others in the industry, with the understanding that every email campaign is unique to its audience. Plus, there are many factors that can impact email metrics. Our goal in sharing these reports is to provide a sense of how your emails are performing within the industry.

Industry Reports

  Explore our industry reports covering trends and data across media brands. Having a better understanding of how your data compares to what's happening in the industry can help your organization make better decisions and grow faster.

New! Personalization Performance Review

January - December 2021

This review presents our findings from analyzing over 350 million impressions. Learn all about different Personalization types, including which types perform best and what the data from 2021 shows in comparison to 2020. Plus, we've outlined strategies to help you harness your audience data to gain deeper insights.

>> Download the Performance Review

Email Engagement Benchmark Report

January 2019 - March 2021

We analyzed the past two years of email deployments, and our finds were surprising. The data is broken down between eNewsletters, third-party, epromos, and digital magazine issues to see how the pandemic and a drastic increase in number of emails changed open rates, click throughs, and unsubscribes.

>> Download the Spring 2021 Data

The Impact of Apple MPP - 3 Month Update

Q1 2022

To understand the impact of Apple's Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), we compared data from one billion emails sent before the rollout of MPP in September 2021 to another billion+ emails sent after. Download the report to see the initial impact to open rates and other email metrics.

>> Download the Apple MPP White Paper

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