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Brought to you by Omeda's Client Success Team

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5 Subscriber Acquisition & Retention Strategies You Can Leverage NOW
October 27, 2021

Learn from Client Success Manager, Hayat Ali-Ghoneim and our clients Joyce Neth, Vice President, Audience Development & Research at WATT Global Media, and Rick Ellis, Director of Audience Management at CFE Media & Technology, as they share insights into their growth strategies and how they used marketing automation to engage their audience.

You will learn about:

• Actionable tactics you can leverage right now to grow your audience and take your results to the next level
• Proven strategies on how to create an effective subscriber acquisition and retention plan for every budget

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Email Deliverability Best Practices
March 17, 2021

Learn about best practices and trends for 2021 presented by Bettina Lippisch, VP, Data Success, & Jean Kim, Email Deliverability Manager.

You will learn about:

• How unengaged emails impact your reputation and inbox delivery
• What purchased lists can do your email marketing efforts, and how to proceed
• Message best practices including some Gmail specifics that can impact
reporting metrics
• How email security products impact performance metrics and deliverability

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How Brief Media Is Using Data to Increase Revenue
July 9, 2020

Listen as Natalie Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Brief Media, with Hayat Ali-Ghoneim, one of Omeda's Client Success Managers, walk through how Brief used a gating model strategy to increase revenue.

You will learn about:

• Website gating model strategy and implementation
• How to leverage the data gathered through gating
• How to market this data to advertisers

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Omeda "OX4" Product Review & Roadmap Presentation [Webinar]
June 30, 2020

James Capo, CRO and Tony Napoleone, VP, Client Success walk through major product highlights from the past year, what is coming soon, and what is further out on our roadmap.

The agenda includes:
• Product review and demo from the last twelve months
• What is coming next?
• Product roadmap

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Creating a White Paper Form for Lead Generation [Webinar]
June 4, 2020

Client Success Director, Nicole Backaus takes you through the best way to set up a white paper lead generation form - from start to finish - and all of the fields to consider when creating it.

Learn how to:
• Set up the web form
• Clone the web form for subsequent efforts
•Query the data results
• Automate your leads

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The Importance of Welcome Series Campaigns [Webinar]
May 21, 2020

Review different types of welcome series and the importance of implementing them for your brands as our Client Success Manager, Hayat Ali-Ghoneim presents.

Learn about:
• Things to consider before putting a welcome series together
• How to build queries used for a welcome series
• Odyssey template ideas for a welcome series

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Metering - Why and How to Meter [Webinar]
May 7, 2020

Our Client Success Directors, Nicole Backaus & Ray Provencio, present on Omeda's Metering tool. Learn about the benefits of metering and how to implement strong metering strategies.

Learn about:
• Questions you should ask before starting
• Building your Meter series
• How to measure your results

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A Client Success Story: Becker's Healthcare Soft Gate Meter [Webinar]
April 29, 2020

Learn from Katie Atwood, Chief Operating Officer at Becker's Healthcare and Nicole Backaus, Client Success Director at Omeda as they walk you through their success with metering.

Learn about:
• Why they implemented the meter
• How they set up their messaging
• The results their meter achieved

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Using Form Builder and How to iFrame Your Form in a Personalization Modal [Webinar]
April 23, 2020

Building on the webinar covering unknown to known audience conversion, our Client Success team will show you how to create a simple sign-up form using Form Builder. Using that form, they will walk you through laying it into a Personalization modal to target your increased traffic and convert them to known customers.

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Virtual Events and Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Run One [Webinar]
April 21, 2020

Learn from Nick Giallourakis, President and Founder of Elephants and Tea, and Tony Napoleone, Omeda's VP of Client Success, as they talk about how to make informed decisions on hosting virtual events, based off the data your brands already have. Understand the new environment of hosting virtual events and whether or not your brands should be launching one.

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Marketing with Omeda's Odyssey Platform [Webinar]
April 16, 2020

Walk through setting up an Odyssey voyage to automate your marketing strategy for your brands. You'll hear from Kate Ferrara, Marketing Manager at Omeda, about various elements to implement that will take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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Email Do's and Don't's for your Covid-19 Initiatives [Webinar]
April 14, 2020

Listen to Omeda's VP of Data Success, Bettina Lippisch, discuss information on how to best handle reaching out to your larger audience and subscriber base for COVID-19 initiatives at this point in time.

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Client Success Story with Lessiter Media on Progressive Profiling [Webinar]
April 9, 2020

Learn how to establish successful progressive profiling campaigns using Omeda's tools. Join our Client Success Manager, Erin Aguilar, and Lessiter Media's Marketing Manager, Luke Weigel, as they walk you through:

  • What to focus on in your progressive profile campaigns
  • How to create the form and frame it in Personalization
  • Where to identify key metrics and measure success of these campaigns

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Getting to Know Your Audience - Converting Unknown to Known [Webinar]
April 2, 2020

Learn how to better understand your audience and convert your audience from unknown to known. Hayat Ali-Ghoneim, Client Success Manager and Ray Provencio, Client Success Director will be covering:

  • What Cookies Do We Have?
  • How Do We Query Them?
  • How do we convert them into a known audience?

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Automating Your Re-Engagement Efforts [Webinar]
March 26, 2020

Explore how to build a re-engagement campaign with Nicole Backaus, one of our Client Success Directors, and Bill Ciesielczyk, one of our Client Success Managers. They will be walking through and explaining how to:

  • Build a Query
  • Find Your Ideal Timing
  • Choose Between Static vs. Continuous Campaigns
  • Provide Content that Resonates with Your Audience
  • Use a Multi-Channel Approach

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Six Lead Gen Options to Replace Event Leads [Webinar]
March 18, 2020

Learn from Nicole Backaus, Client Success Director, Tony Napoleone, VP Client Success, and James Capo CRO as they cover off on six different lead generation options on the Omeda platform, designed to help replace the leads event sponsors and exhibitors will miss as shows and conferences are cancelled or postponed. The team covered:

  1. Event Category Lead Gen Forms
  2. Automating Lead Files to Advertisers
  3. Geo-location Targeting
  4. Topic Sponsorship (CDP)
  5. Repurposing Event Content
  6. Content Metering

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