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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation that seamlessly connects
your campaigns and activates your audience

Odyssey, our marketing automation platform, provides users with the ability to guide each customer down a personalized and automated marketing voyage. Enhance your promotional tactics with the support of all your CDP information and segmenting options. With a simplified tech stack, users are able to connect email campaigns to other digital marketing channels to amplify audience outreach. Odyssey is uniquely positioned for:



Create customized audience segments in your Omeda database that contain detailed customer information to personalize your messaging.


Activating your Audience

Deploy your targeted email to engage your audience on a personal level, through multiple messaging platforms and in places they want to be reached. Through the Odyssey canvas, add in all relevant touch points and wait times for an effective customer journey.



Send recurring emails and newsletters with ease as you automate based off of your audience's behaviors, preferences and demographics.

Customer Service

The Email team is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions. The Client Success team is constantly developing new offerings - from custom email templates to preset voyages.


Deliverability Analysis

Attain your full-potential for inbox delivery. Our email team is active across the industry to keep our tools and knowledge innovative and forward-thinking.


Best-In-Class Analysis

Data points can be turned into story-telling insights with our cohesive reporting tool that allows you to explore campaigns and compare them against each other.

Review the Marketing Automation White Paper

Odyssey serves as a key channel to establishing engaged marketing automation campaigns. Build targeted email touch points based off of your user profiles. Engage your customers in real-time as all of your audience’s behavioral data ties back to the database.